Multiple alphas

Ok i have seen fleets of apocs mining with with either miasmos that warps to each belt collecting cans or they in a belt with orca. I hit report bot with all of them so does pretty much all in local. I sent petition to ccp about it and was told to email ccp security. When i click on the link to email it says i need to create an email account ? I have an gmail account and wont create a new account with another service. Does CCP even give a shite about the problems in eve ?? I sent another petition to ccp explaining that i wont create a new email account and i get same generic response of blah blah contact ccp security.

What F00kin give ccp

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Just login to your gmail (you should always use your account assosiated mail) and send an email to


Ty Tried it and it worked. Now we wait and see if CCP actually do anything.

hi @MaadJ

are you sure they are bot or could it be a multiboxer mining fleet?
the subject is “mutiple alphas” so why you are sure they are alphas?

i have more then 1 account … i go mining with this chars … i use a Miasmos (its cheap and has big orehanger) … i have no Alpha account … all are Omega

each of the main chars on each account is used for something different but all can go mining and i go mining with a char from each account … why not?

if a char can use a Orca it has to be an Omega
if a char can use a Mining Barge it has to be an Omega
the Miasmos can be used by an Alpha and an Omega

if you report something you need to be VERY sure there is something to report
if “nothing happens” its not nothing happens … someone has to look into this … someone needs to check logs … then if CCP see ok … the mining part could be something to look deeper then maybe they can lock accounts but only IF … if not you think nothing happens … the work is done in the background and its good its in the background …
think on that … if CCP posts the maybe botters on a wall … the real botters could change there way of gaming to look not as a botter … it would be stupid to give info out befor the check progress is done … in the end it would be stupid to give ANY info out but the “we blocked X number of accounts”

just dont think its not looked into reportet stuff

go on with reporting … everyone should report stuff IF you are sure there is something to report but dont expect a decoration for ti … CCP will not tell you what happens

fly safe


A fleet of mining battleships is almost certainly both botting and abusing alpha accounts. There is absolutely no other reason to mine in groups of battleships unless you are cheating. Sure, there is a tiny percent chance there is some corp of real alpha players gathering to mine, but it almost certainly isn’t, especially if all the characters have similar names and start dates. Let CCP look and they will be able to tell immediately if they are real people or yet another botter abusing the alpha clone system.

Good on you OP for reporting this EULA-breaking behaviour, and I urge you to be kind and encouraging in your email to Team Security.



cool thing … i have never seen mining battleships but it sounds interessting because of the tank vs gankers … if you have alot of lowslots …

the are mining with mining lasers? they cant fit stripminers … the can fit up to 8 mining upgrades … i have no idea how the mining yield looks …

crazy idea but there are guys mining in dreads so … some will go mining in battleships i guess …

but … CCP have to look into it because you cant say its a botter with alphas … it could be a normal multiboxer with Omegas and a crazy mining taste


This was totally normal 2004 since there were no barges or ventures,you even have to mine in cruisers

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They use fits like this one:

as you can see in this operation where Lewak cleaned out a nest of them:

They all have similar names and birthdates, and are run by a single person, likely botting. This thing actually has a yield better than a barge, but with the big downside it has a tiny cargo hold so the micromanaging is painful. That’s why someone controlling so many is likely botting, but regardless, they are almost certainly abusing alpha accounts as barges would be so much easier and efficient to multibox, not to mention cheaper.

Rokh has better yield because it allows to fit a few T2 MLUs… Highest yield mining ship available to alphas.

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Put it this way I had at worst 20 plus players report a apoc mining fleet that had a miasmos warping to the belts to collect the jetcans. I also had half my corp sit in each of the belts flipping the cans for over 2 hrs. They kept doing the same thing non stop. It got to the point where i paid someone some isk to gank the miasmos. GUESS WHAT the pilot of the now destroyed miasmos must have a huge cargo hold in his pod as it now warped to and from the jetcans for the next 30 odd minutes until dt arrived. We collected a nice amount of ore :wink: Also all the pilots were exactly 23days old ( except the orca pilot from the latest lot we have found ) Who i politely repositioned his ship several hundred kms of the belt. If i am missing something please do tell


You aren’t missing anything. they are bots. CCP may not instantly ban because they want to build a picture of the software they use to detect other bots using similar software.

after looking how 6 cats ganked that apoc i think i might have to get some peeps together with some dessies. Just lock them till you find 1 thats had its ehp pretty much depleted by rats lol.

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Sure there is, not everyone wants to train extra mining skills, i’ve mined in cruisers and battleships before just because i already HAVE the skills to fly those, and that sbefore you mention how cheap and easy it is to tank a BS against ganks, why would you expect people to train extra skills, at the end of the day if you have reported it and CCP have done nothing it likely means they arne’t breaking any rules so this thread wasn’t really of any value :stuck_out_tongue:

if someone is controlling them its not botting … its multiboxing … its legal … not with alphas but with omegas its legal

@MaadJ yea soungs like botting to me


The tank is paper thin. There is almost NO reason to mine in a battleship in this day and age. Having 10 people who are alpha and also just HAPPEN to mine in the SAME ship is almost certainly bots.

It’s one of those things where, sure, if you see a single guy mining in a battleship, then maybe it’s not a bot. But see a fleet of them? Almost certainly a bot, or someone abusing the alpha system. Most likely both.

Apocalypse are one of the cheaper battleships to purchase right now so they use it. But yeah, it’s a bot and/or alpha account abuser.

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Active accts = $$$$ for CCP. They don’t care. Just like they allow 25-man broadcast-input CODE. fleets and RMT with Alex, as long as they get their cut, they are happy to look the other way… and have for nearly a decade now.

Sure they’ll make a few harsh bans public once in a long while, but just like a Casino, as long as everyone on the floor hears those nickels clanking they’ll keep throwing in quarters, or in this case believing something of real consequence is taking place.

i dont know …
it can be a bot or not
it can be abusing the alpha system or not
CCP will know

if you are sure it is a bot or abusing the alpha system … you really should report it … if you are not sure dont do


None of us can “know”, but we can be certain to a high degree of accuracy.

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck and tastes like a duck and looks like a duck and smells like a duck and feels like a duck, then it probably ly is a duck.

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They are alphas, which dont make isk for CCP.

In case you didn’t know, alphas do not pay for subs.

Sorry not isk, but money.