Skilling Spree - THANK YOU CCP

I was a lowly cyno main with a freighter alt, and lived my life lighting cynos and being killed time and time again.

I want to thank CCP for skills for kills. It encouraged me to put my alts needs aside and let my inner pvper out and I fought against a criminal foe, but thanks to the grace of James 315, justice was on my side today:

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The ciminal miner had what remained on his thieving tools confiscated, making it a slight profit after my own industrial work ethic was able to produce my tools of justice for a relatively low sum:

Meanwhile, my mentor in all things highsec law and order is busy trying to get the miners of Villore into line:


Just want to say a huge thank you to CCP. :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts:

We don’t utter those words enough, but CCP heard the word of James 315 and responded. In turn we are bringing the word of James to our highsec bretheren.

Highsec is worth fighting for.


And I’am 101% sure that’s Alpha clone.

And the problem of it being an alpha is?


there is no real consequences for Alphas from loosing SS or crime status.

Miner. Calm down.

Maybe you missed the part in my previous post where I clearly said:

Cynos cannot be lit by characters on alpha accounts.

The problem with being wrong, is that you aren’t right and when you aren’t right, your arguments can be destroyed. Not only in this thread, but in all others where you make them:


One thing is certain. The Code wins. Always…because it is right.

Please enlighten yourself in the way of James 315 by reading and following The Code:


People say that about omegas too.

Thank you apprentice Ohaiya for your wise words.

I must admit, Villore seems to be a cesspit on the scale of sodom and gomorrah. The miners are talking about putting their own health at risk:


Like Lot’s wife, I would turn them all into salt, but they appear to have done that all on their own.


Meanwhile, justice continues:

I also want to thank CCP for hearing the word of James 315 and offering an event we can all truly get behind.

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That they are sociopathic leeches. For one.

What’s your problem?

Alpha accounts are socipathic leeches?

Why did CCP introduce them then?

Profit. Retention. Making money. You have to understand that that is the only motive for any change in EVE.

That appears that you are saying CCP are sociopathic leeches. Careful, I wouldn’t want you to be banned.

Read The Code. It will be therapeutic:

It’s available in multiple languages too.

I’ll be coming for you. See you on the field. Nice day.

In a retriever, hulk or obelisk?

Let me guess…you have powerful nullsec friends?

I just want to be prepared you understand.

How about you do the right thing and send me 10 million ISK for your indulgences and then you can stip being a criminal?


You guys should post your roleplay where it belongs, in


What roleplay? There is no roleplay in being right. Right is right. Even you voted for James 315.

Don’t try to deny it now.

I never did and I never will.

It’s quite clear that you voted for James 315. It says so right in The Code:


The Code is not only the result of a democratic process, but James 315 was entrusted with your proxy vote and he applied in with wisdom.

You can’t wisdom. The Code always wins. Always!

Send me 10 million ISK and we can get you right by the law in no time.

EDIT: Guys, grow a pair. Hiding posts because they hurt your feelings is about a weak as you can get. Should have expected it I guess. There are so many weak people.


You cant vote for a force of nature

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