Gankers are not committed

They never intended high sec to be “safespace” as you seem to be collapsing the two.

High sec means that any unsanctioned Capsuleer agression is met with retribution by the Yualai accords, by a response fleet set that was named CONCORD.

Why do you need a safespace? If your so desperate for one, go to null sec and set up with one of those alliances.


Or play other games that are more accommodating and intriguing

What are we even talking about? I honestly don’t have a clue…

Do you think ganking makes for an accommodating game? do you think players are intrigued by it?

Imo it fails on both accounts

That’s kind of a loaded question. Obviously no one likes to be on the receiving end of a gank, but this thread has jumped all over the place and I can’t reconcile the original subject “Gankers are not committed” with many of your comments.

So color me thoroughly confused…

Ganking is not intriguing or accommodating and the people who do it couldn’t care less if its removed


Proof and citation required.

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I think @Kezrai_Charzai nailed it.

Though I have seen gankers get bored and leave.

CCP fully supports ganking in their game design.

The act of undocking is consent to PvP. Try undocking in a totally unfitted ship and the game will even warn you to that effect.

And I see you are yet another person whining about the perils of Eve who has zero killboard and thus zero evidence they were ever ganked or ( as a 122 day old player ) have any real knowledge of the subject at all.


Why does it have to be “accommodating?”

There are ships in the game that are not designed for PVP so it seems to me you cannot consent to PVP if you undock in those.

If you have a ship that is not meant for PVP, you have to fly it smart… cloak/MWD or AB on a Hauler, for example, etc.
Or, avoid iffy systems and make 10 jumps more.
Nobody forces someone to fly through, let’s say Uedama, for example. I do it daily and haven’t lost a single ship there.
Also, there are ingame channels like “Gank-Intel” that can help you out.

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No there aren’t. Other than shuttles, just about every ship in the game can fit weapons. There are even such things as Battle Ventures, battle barges, battle Orcas.

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You are not a serious person if you want to claim venture among others is designed for PVP



Don’t be silly. Ask Destiny Corrupted, for example, about the use of battle Ventures. They can be, and often are, fitted for combat. They actually make excellent bait !


Fun fact: Civilian light missile launchers can be fit on any ship with hislots, no matter the turret/ launcher hardpoints. :))

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Fixed in favor of the targets. :smirk:

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There is plenty of targets in low and null?

What if it turns out gankers are the real carebears