Ganking is a rediculous word to use in EvE, it is PvP where Concord shoots the winner

First and foremost EvE is a PvP game.
Above anything else.
At it’s core.
Agreed? (I have never PvPed so whatever sue me, I am a noob but I hope to get killed a few dozen times in the future when I earn some ISK and stop losing it in the market and start losing it to other players ships blasting me.)

Rookie Help Chat, ISD’s tell us daily, “Once you hit the undock button you consent to engage in PvP. Concord is not security, they dispense judgement and punishment.”

That means PvP anywhere, anytime and with utter recklessness. Even your closest friends can stab you in the back. Spy’s around every corner, agents, intelligence, counter intelligence, double agents, corp thefts, infiltration’s, war declarations, those evil downright rotten scummy .98 ISK market under cutters.

When you accuse someone of “ganking” what you are saying is that they are PvPing and then being punished by Concord for it.

If large freighters carrying large amounts of expensive items do not want to be destroyed, they should have freaking escorts. This would raise the prices of all goods up a considerable margin.

Hire escorts to keep solid repairs on you, to counter bump you, target and prepare to engage any attackers, or use Electronic Warfare against them. Recruit escorts to your corporation and share the hauling profits. Pay off the pirates or bribe them.

So many options. But to call it “ganking” like it is some dastardly sneaky attack, when in fact it is the core game mechanic, and the PvE hauler is the dastardly player, making blood money off the wars, selling weapons, ammunition, warships acrossed the map, while expecting to keep their hands free from blood and the cold vacuum of space. You are Space Nicholas Cages, Lords of War, yet ashamedly cry when those same weapons you sell are turned against you. Sweet bitter irony.

If I have 100 million ISK in the cargo hold of my ship I am nervous. I throw every piece of tank and defense I can scrounge onto my ship, even though the pay off is probably not worth killing me, they might do it to send a message. Or as a warning. Or just to say “Hello, welcome to EvE”.

You cannot expect nor demand to fly valuable items in EvE without a team, or hired help, or without a backup plan, and a backup backup plan.

I got linked to the gank itel and ganking chat channels. There are tons of you in there helping each other out! Giving out warnings and updates of hot locations, where bumps are occurring. Why not team up and create a monster corporation and rule the trade routes? Carve your name in the stars. You have the superior numbers, you have the skill training, you have the experience and massive wealth to pull it off. You have the intel, I do not understand it.

Call it unprepared Hisec PvP, but please stop calling it “ganking”. It is a word unbecoming for such a hardcore full loot player driven game as EvE.


Ganking is a good and leathy part of the game. No need to change the word. If it offends you, suck it up.

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OP is quite ok with attacking Someone by surprise but gets butt hurt about a word. :roll_eyes:

Edit: Nothing wrong with ganking or the word ganking, other than autocorrect can’t seem to remember it.

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Ganking is not PvP. PvP involves setting out on roams of many systems and attacking ships that are Red to you or through Piracy in Low and Null.

Sitting in a Blackbird at a High Sec gate scanning ships and then calling in the Wonder Blob after bumping the ship is not true PvP.

Ganking is like playing Angry Birds and using the Pink Bubbler to scoop up a bunch of blocks to drop on the pigs. I like Angry Birds by the way.

Don’t be a Pink Bubbler.


Flying a hauler loaded up with valuables with no escort fighters or repairs in a hardcore full destruction and loot PvP game is a poor level of situational awareness and planning.

Edited to be less off topic.

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PvP = player/s vs player/s dryson, how hard is that to get through your head

Funny you mention blobbing when you talk about ganking, then act like 90% of “roams” in low/null don’t involve blobing


I’ll pvp you again anytime you want dryson, but we both know you won’t take me up on my offer


ganking is slang used by the community . adopt it or don’t , it doesn’t matter . and if you make isk market trading , you’ve already pvp’d . btw , changing your order by .01 isk is also called ganking … :wink:

Consider that the OP is inexperienced, and is perhaps taking issue not with the word itself, but the disdain with which it is used in some circles.

There is a propensity for some to equate in game ‘criminal’ behavior with real life deviancy. The OP is pointing out that this behavior (in game) is to be expected, and making observation of a few obvious counters to it. They are encouraging player action over vapid words, which is a sentiment I can get behind.

Everyone was new at some point. Let’s overlook the inexperience and celebrate a bit of youthful exuberance.


By stating that ganking is not PvP, you dehumanize the victims. You are showing your true colors Herr Bennington.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So explain all those low value ventures empty haulers and other ships ganked?
It is not a matter of low situational awareness. it is a matter of people ganking for lols. the fact in some cases they also make a shiny profit just increases their lols


Ganking is the act of a group of many alts (in most cases) assaulting a single target. That’s not PVP, that’s ganking. Stop trying to dilute realities with your irrational thoughts.

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Its simple really.
Ganking in eve refers to killing someone and being killed by concord afterwards.
A gank can ONLY happen in highsec, anything else is simply pvp, nothing else.

So if 30 people jump a rorqual in null, its simply pvp, not a gank.
Dont dilute the ganking term, its refers to something very specific in eve.


Last time I tried to PvP you with a honourable wardec this happened: Unable to Leave Corporation - a potential bug that is being exploited


Btw, who the **** are you to tell people how to play the game?
Some kind of Eve guru who knows everything? I think not.

Dont be salty, because people enjoy different gameplay then you.

No, ganking means gang-killing and is used for describing a group PvPing a smaller group or a solo target. The term is used all around EVE not just highsec.

What’s special in highsec is “suicide ganking”, which is often referred to as just ganking because it is clear from the context what the writer means.


Ganking = gang killing
To say it is not PVP is ridiculous.

Concord provides consequences not punishment.

There is nothing wrong with ganking or getting ganked. There are ways to make it a bit harder that I would mention if it wasn’t completely off topic

It has been a part of the game since I started (2006) and will exist until the servers are down. Simply paying attention will keep you out of ganks.

Some examples to avoid ganks.
Fly smaller more maneuverable ships.
Carry less expensive items or fewer expensive items.
Go to work for the gankers. They need ships too.
Make an alt to scout.
Use jump freighters and always have a cyno ready to go up.

And as always, adhere to the rules of EVE.
Never fly what you can’t afford to lose. Trust noone.


I believe @Salvos_Rhoska had a good definition of it. He called it “suicide ganking” opposed to just “ganking” where the later stands for the general act of a gang killing a player, and the former stands for a gang killing a player in high-sec after a CONCORD violation and thus suicide to CONCORD.

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Are you crazy to summon him @Whitehound ? The definition is not new. The problem Salvos has is that he can’t understand that some people use “ganking” as a shorthand for “suicide ganking” when it is clear from the context what they mean.


Let there be @Salvos_Rhoska … I summon thee all feared and all powerful @Salvos_Rhoska … for he shall he breath his definition down our necks! :japanese_ogre:


@Ima_Wreckyou @Ildrara

You are both right, but the term “ganking” is also sometimes used to say “PvPed without consent”, regardless of the number of attackers, some people will say you ganked them even if you did it solo.

There are no CONCORD violations. CONCORD are not the police, as they are often percieved. They are just the executioners. They blow up ships of the capsuleers that have been sentenced to ship confiscation.