Gankers do not make EVE a better place

Ganking is out of hand in some area’s of the game and just using the response, it is a part of the games set up and you need a better fit, are just lies from Gankers who love to kill things.
Situation where all the fits will never save you and needs outlawed,
Situation One: just come through a gate and select jump to next gate, You decloak and instantly your stuck cannot warp, or move. two hits later your dead, the ganker is gone or killed by Concord or Systems security. Mean while you are out several mill isk in cargo and ship. Not to mention Implants.
Who KILLED you, a senior player (aka someone with 2 yrs or more experience) over your newbie status.
Situation Two:: You arrive at a trade hub, Like Jita or Amarr. You get the Normal Request for docking announcement, Suddenly as the station acknowledges your approved a ship flashes red in the list of ships waiting or leaving the Hub. your ship goes cloaked as it is pulled into the station, next seen your in your capsule and you are getting a kill right notification. Your ship is gone, everything you worked two weeks for is gone, your out 1 bil, in goods and ship.
The “GANKER” has escaped because he lives in the area and docked. Security won’t hunt him, your a miner and not interested in PVP or PvE, Just industry and having a good time.
Meanwhile the Ganker is off bragging about his KILL.
Fact; that happened to me, I’ve played a year now, Mining skills all most maxed out, “I AM 73 YRS OLD, I ENJOY GAMES NOT DEATH. "
All aside I may not have longevity to skill up to take revenge or satisfy my “KILL RIGHT”.
Gankers may be apart of the game, but force them to Null or Lo Sec to reside in. Mark them Hostile to all parties not just the ones attacked and given a useless kill right too.
Sell the right, “to whom” the very ganker who kia you. No thanks.


Polite request to my ganker pals:

Try to resist the temptation to post in this thread (unless or course you can’t help it :wink:).

I’m interested to see what happens when you let these people have free rein…

I understand your pain, but truth is you are feeding both gankers and griefers who play to hear complaining.

I hope, but doubt your post will avoid some pretty ugly responses.

The game for the industrialist is to figure out how to best avoid the situations that got you ganked.

Also keep in mind if they weren’t blowing ppl and ships up there wouldn’t be anything people needed to buy.

Eve is a harsh ecosystem. But you are an immortal. There’s nothing you can’t survive.

Hope you can find the will to brush it off, learn from the situation, and continue to grow in New Eden.

Dying and occasionally losing a shitload is part of the learning curve.

Fly Safe.


Play the game the way you want to play it.

Let others play the game the way they want to play it.


think of being ganked as similar to being invaded on dark souls.

while you may not like it when it happens, it is a fully intended game mechanic that can be avoided using the proper precautions.

it definitely doesn’t sound nice to be popped while you’re docking, but, latency is a thing, and if the ganker has the edge on you, well, tough luck.

highsec IS NOT safe space. learn this, and fast… you’ll hear that in eve, nowhere is truly safe, and it isn’t wrong.

learn from the mistake, use a tankier hull, and well, probably don’t rant on the forums about it, because its bait

Regardless of age, no one wants to skill 6 months to be mining rock in paper ships and loose billions and weeks of time over some mechanic designed to make profits for a few. Any sane player can see that EVE is a game for Elite players; elite PvPers with the means to track to you, track your progress, track what you buy and fly ( since they have industry and market alts ) and then sell all that info to gankers or take care of it themselves with their other combat alt(s).
If you’re not as determined to spend the time and effort to integrate and commit all your leisure time to this game, including reading all the patch notes, watching all the devs videos, having a presence on Teamspeak and Discord and Twitter and Facebook and zKillboard and Reddit then don’t forget to join a corporation or it’s open season on you, just to keep abreast of what’s going on in this game… you will continue to spend time or money or both on what I can only see as a loosing battle.
The developers of this game have predetermined your success or failure by pulling mechanic levers to steer you into linear paths in the game, all involving the same steps regardless of your choices, for other paths demonstrably lead to frustration, boredom and time wasted on being content for more serious players and in that, EVE loses the label Sanbox because a true sandbox has mechanics designed for it to be played both solo and in group.
Case in point:
You will find hundreds of responses throughout this forum and others about the best way to play EVE is join a corporation. I would surmise it’s the only way unless you are willing to put twice or three times more efforts and time into the game to enjoy it as much as those who pulverized your paper ship one steps on an ant.

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Yeah hide my post.
Players know the truth. Why do you think your numbers are tanking?

Situation One: Never fly something (or with something in the cargo) you can’t afford to lose.

Situation Two: Instadock bookmarks
When you warp to any location your ship will land approximately 2500 meters away from the target. On stations, this means that you can land outside of the docking range and are vulnerable to ganks as you approach the station. This is especially dangerous at trade hubs where gankers may try to kill you. Instadock bookmarks solve this issue.

An instadock bookmark is simply a bookmark that is placed at least 2500 meters inside of the docking range. One common way of creating an instadock bookmark is by undocking from a station and saving the location immediately or while the overview says that you are within 0 meters of that station. Instadock bookmarks can be used in combination with the autopilot. Set the target station as your destination and warp to the instadock bookmark. Enable autopilot after entering the warp. As soon as you land on the bookmark your autopilot will automatically dock your ship.

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I have a better idea. Instead of wasting that energy and time posting responses here. How about use that time and energy to gank more?


I would try to resist and it’s an obvious troll attempt :smiley:

However, the outright lying is annoying.

Gankers can’t dock up and evade CONCORD.

Why do people insist on lying in these troll posts?


Because spreading misinformation in an emotionally charged way is a lowbrain tactic used to garner support from people who 1) don’t know how to separate their emotions from logic and thus unable to logic and 2) incapable of doing any sort if due diligence themselves.

It’s pretty pathetic really.


I’ll be quite honest, Hisec ganking is a mechanic that is unique to Eve, and it is a part of what makes Eve special. Have I been ganked? Yes, several times. Did I like it when it happened to me? No. But instead of whining about it, I learned from the experience and continued to play, and got better. Do I think most gankers are just bullies who get their jollies from destroying other players enjoyment of the game? Maybe. Some of the ones I have run across are very adept and I have to admire their craftsmanship and creativity in getting their target, sort of like the assassins of old. Would I like to see the mechanic changed or removed? Not really.

AFK miners and krabs don’t make EVE a better place.

There, fixed it for you…


Sure they do. Without them, the forums would be a dull boring waste land of constructive feedback and good ideas.

Can’t have that can we?


What’s funny is if people accepted EVE for what it is and took standard precautions, they’d find dying to be a lot harder.

I cannot stress enough how much harder it is hunting an actively evading player.

It is clear most HS residents have never tried it.

Most times, unless you get lucky or the drop on them, they get away.

Simply pay attention. Learn how to haul without being obvious.

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But Gix!

It says right on the box, that AFKing is a core gameplay mechanic. GKR says so! That means that fitting a ship for actual defense and paying attention to local and d-scanner are not part of the game at all!


Heh. Yennoe what’s interesting is that he’s disappeared.

I wonder why :smiley:


Got himself banned?

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We can always go knock him up:

(Proposal for Rebalancing of the Suicide Gank: Post 1126)

LK: I make zero attempts to hide the highsec pocket I live in. I pretty much advertise it.

Or perhaps he’s super-busy:

(Same thread: Post 530)

Max Deveron: I actually do have 156 accounts
Lucas Kell: Only 156? Weak. I have more omegas than that.

So, plenty of accounts to devote to ganking new players and blaming it on the regulars here in an effort to persuade CCP there’s a problem.

There is a problem; and we all know its origin.

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Heh true. I feel he just got tired of being ROFLcoptered.