Gankers failing every day (CODE this time)

Here’s what you don’t see on zkillboards because gankers often withhold their fail gank killmails of their losses:

A short 12 minute video of a failed gank on a Charon in Josameto today (New Caldari gate)


Keep up the good work, it doesn’t go unappreciated!

That’s not how ZKill works bro. Link your ESI and those Catalysts will show up on the board… most of them just aren’t linked because they just don’t care. It’s about income dude…

Some fails in your operation:

At about 0330 you claim the gankers are “aggressing” you. No one, in fact, aggressed you.

At about 1005 you claim you have a “targeting delay on decloak”. Stealth bombers do not have a targeting delay on decloak. You were unable to target the Catalysts for the exact reason shown on your very screen - they had warp invulnerability. It even says it. Right there. “Target is invulnerable”.

During the entire event you got a single jam off.

This is not “antiganking” my dude, this is kill whoring.


Look at those amazing KB stats though! A 90:1 KDR!

I wish I was as good at PvP as the OP.


Let me correct one thing on your correction and throw in a few pointers on why AG is hard.

There was the intent to aggress, they moved towards him with the intent to point, with a catalyst fleet using your MWD to get away from the warp in spot is key, if the Atron had got a scram on the HFI then they would have ganked him. Shows how little you know.

Both the Atron and Gnosis use tags so they can loiter and cannot be pre-aggressed, tags were a significant buff to ganking, as is tethering by the way.

Correct, you redeem yourself here, however this is one of the reasons why priming modules does not work for AG.

Indeed it was a fail on every jam, but he had the wrong jammers on two of the three and ECM is chance based and easily countered with ECCM scripts with Sensor boosters.

AG is hard…

By the way in reply to another post you made, I think that I have had two temp bans, maybe three, the first was when Dom Akaral came after me on every post flagging CCP Falcon and the ISD, which ended up with him getting a total ban and me getting punished for his insanity? The other was for replying to an off-topic post that Destiny made and I was deemed naughty but he was not? That cost CCP a years worth of subs on my two main accounts, total cost €360.

PS I linked your post, both yours and Destiny’s break the forum rules, as does a part of mine, so if my one gets removed and yours do not I will add this to my ISD dossier…

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oh god its a drac attack


He has a dossier on us. A dossier.


Oh my god, it all makes sense now!



I thought it was an inconspicuous tree, or a lamp post, but it all this time it was Dracvlad. He has been following me and compiling a dossier that is sure to have a lot of incriminating evidence that will get me into a lot of trouble! I was careless and ignorant, and now I am utterly ruined!

A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!


I passed you after picking up my +5 clone which was in Khafis and you freak out like this. Though +1 for not lurking just on Amarr undocking. :slight_smile:

That was several days ago, actually more like a week and a half ago and to make the effort to actual screen print it like that shows where the obsession is coming from, glorious…

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Don’t waste your life skip to 9:45.

They didn’t fail because of anything you did, you gotta kill something for it to be an anti-gank :wink: Your actions here are the eve equivalent of ‘thoughts and prayers’


Look how he responds within 3 minutes and has a detailed account of exactly what (allegedly) happened so many days ago, like he’s he’s some kind of CIA sleuth. If that’s not tantamount to stalking, I don’t know what is.

I need to hire a bodyguard! Is anyone providing bodyguard services? I have 10 billion ISK to spend.


Do you know how the forum works, I was reading “I tamed a Tyrant and Ran away” in another tab and a notification popped up, so I saw it. It seems weird to be called a stalker because I replied after a notification popped up, who would have thunk?

Yeah I noted you when that happened, because your alliance is -10. It is the game mechanics and I went to get my +5 clone for when I was away on holiday for 8 days, Black Ops 5 is a long train… But you are the one who took a screen shot, not I. LMAO.

He’s not posting, he’s just verbally accentuating the forums.

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So nobody had aggressed him? Cool. Thanks for agreeing with me. If you watch the video the Atron burns off the gate - and then stops. Before the OP had even initiated warp. Pay better attention I guess?

I didn’t read the rest of your nonsense comment.

So you ignored both the arrows showing their movement towards the HFI, a lack of observation is countered among your weak attributes then.

CODE has so far killed 100 TRILLION ISK worth of ships. I wouldn’t exactly call that fail…


Can you point me to the timestamp where they redbox on the OP?

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Pathetic and meaningless tangent, so I will reply with the same forum stupidity. Point out where I said they opened fire?

So you can’t point to a timestamp where OP is redboxed?

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Is it relevant?