Some ganker near Jita do not die -why Corcord cannot catch them?

Perimeter: a Proteus kill a noob Probe, then nobody else die.

so, why some gankers die and some else never ?

zKillBoar report

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Zkillboard only receives killmails for registered users/Corps.

So if a ganker hasn’t signed in, they can manually post the ganks, but not post their losses.

However, if you feel as though someone is avoiding CONCORD, then report them. But zkillboard isn’t evidence of avoidance.

That’s a weird killmails though. Either the probe was suspect, or there was a dual.

It doesn’t make sense that a proteus kills repetively noob frigates, though.

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Lots of people kill their alts for different reasons.

We’re you there for the kill and see the proteus go criminal?

That would be the trigger for CONCORD to respond. Otherwise, there would be no CONCORD response and nothing being avoided.

If you look at that “noob”’s killboard it looks to me that he has a history of trying to steal loot near tradehubs.

My guess is he went suspect again looting something he shouldn’t have and wasn’t fast enough, getting exploded by a hub camping Proteus.


this makes sense

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If you put some one into your fleet, you can shoot him down without CONCORD interference.
If you both are in the same corp, that has “friendly fire” settings set to ‘yes’, ofcause.


[Edit: Oh lol you’re that guy who spams the buddy invite thread with your alts who all post the same invite URL. So you’re a complete brainlet and you steal PLEX from newbies. Nice combination.]


Have you ever read the message you get when you get a fleet invite? It says the exact opposite…

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Can you post any evidence about me using alts in invite thread? Apparently no. Cause that’s a lie.
But I made a mistake posting about fleet, not mentioning it must be same corp members fleet. That’s truth. Actually you do not have to be in the fleet, corp with ‘allow friendly fire’ setting is enough.

If friendly fire is set illegal, this will still result in CONCORD.

Nothing about a fleet gives the ability to free fire on Corp members in highsec.

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