Get Gallente On grid

So I was mining and I was hit by suicide gankers. After the attack, the field was full of Gallente ships. This gave me an idea. What if you were mining and had one of your friend’s friendly fire you, not destroy you but just hit you. Your friend could be an Alpha clone. This would bring the Gallente ships to the grid. So any ganking attacks would be put off by all the police ships. I am sure this is flawed but it was an idea.

This is an extremely old tactic, actually. I believe it’s allowed as long as you’re not using a disposable character to move around CONCORD. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

By the way, what actually kills gankers are the CONCORD ships, and not NPC navies of some sort.

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Faction navies (ie. police) take forever to lock and and even longer to kill a criminal. They can also be destroyed

Yeah, I think you’re mistaken, Concord ships would have responded to the attack.

And yes, you can actually get them to spawn in your location to hopefully act as a deterrent… However they won’t protect you, they will only enact retribution on those who attack you.

So always fit up a good defensive tank so you can hopefully survive the attack and watch them get Concorded.

The faction police are no joke. A catalyst won’t last long once they land on grid.

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