High sec Concord / defend against gank question

Hi, i’m a high sec miner but this relates to getting ganked and defending so thought this is the best place.

If I have a fleet with hulk + orca and my hulk gets ganked (in high sec). Will it trigger / do anything if my Orca remote shield reps my hulk getting ganked?

Reason why I ask is, will that stop concord coming, will Orca also be an “eligible” target (concord free), or can I do it while waiting for concord to arrive?

Also, If i release drones against the ganker on the hulk or Orca will that stop concord coming?

Thanks in advanced (from a many times ganked miner)

As far as I know, nothing should happen as you are in a fleet.

One of the best ways to learn how to avoid ganking, is learn how to gank. I firmly believe that every new EvE player should gank at least once.

It will not stop CONCORD from responding. The gankers would be flagged red, eligable targets by anyone.

Here’s the deal, if the ganker is flashing red, you are free to engage. But, if you attack first, CONCORD may not respond (not sure on this) as you opened the aggression and now have a combat flag.

If you wait and the ganker attacks you first, then CONCORD will arrive and you are free to attack.

You can shield rep without any issues. Hulk will be dead anyways tho, we plan for reps.

Once the attacker turns flashy, you are free to engage without concord intervention. Although, you will get a combat timer with that other pilot. They may be able reship and aggress you after the concord timer runs out but before the combat timer does, albeit unlikely.

Not really.

Criminal timer is 15 minutes while a limited engagement timer is 5 minutes.

The limited engagement will run out well before the ganker is even able to undock in a new ship after being killed by CONCORD.

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As long as the fleetmate doesn’t have any timers (i.e. limited engagement, suspect timer), you can rep him without fear of picking up a limited engagement, suspect, or criminal timer.

Moreover, a green safety will protect you from suspect or criminal timers. So, feel free to try if you’re in doubt about something.

Finally, once a criminal act has been committed, nothing will stop concord from responding within the set time window (and anything that interferes with concord response times [outside the technique of concord pulling] is considered an exploit).

You might also want to check out the how to not be ganker bait section of this thread.

Have you tried buying a mining permit?

Thats just a scam for idiots or newbros that don’t know it means other to gankers other that one that scammed the player will still gank you.

Permits offer nothing other than one gsnker group might not attack, but chances are they’ll will still gank you. Not all of the permit issuers follow the permits.


From what I’ve heard it should be possible to put your Hulk in the SMB of the Orca when you see that happen.

They might try to get your Orca, but that ship will require a lot more firepower to blow up than a Hulk.

I hope if this ever happened to you that you brought the case to arbitration?!

As long as your permit is in-date, displayed correctly and you are abiding by its terms, if you then get ganked by ANY high sec ganking group that sells permits you are entitled to a FULL REFUND.

Naturally, you aren’t protected against groups that work outside the programme but there’s a permits database for a reason…

Thanks a lot for the responses! I understand a lot more now thanks. I know I will eventually get ganked no matter what I do, it was a “try my best to stop it” scenario while I mine peacefully :slight_smile: .

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