Logi vs gankers

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What happens in highsec when:
Scenario 1

Ship A, f.e. a mining ship (no wars, no killrights -clear timers, same corp as logi), has one logi actively pumping its shield. Ganker arrives and starts shooting ship A. What happens to ships A and B? Will concord still engage the ganker?

Scenario 2
Ship A, mining ship f.e., get attacked by a ganker, After attack is initiated, logi starts pumping the shield of the mining ship.

Will concord arrive and help or is the logi “kind of” deactivating concord and allowing the ganker to attack?

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So, according to the Eve University website (which is normally accurate)…

I assume ship B is the logi ship. CONCORD will still engage the ganker. Logi can continue to feed reps to Ship A without worry.

Scenario 2 is the same situation. Logi should be able to continue to support the mining ship.

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Thank you Phelan for the quick reply. Especially for reminding me that there is Eve University I should have used first probably. It makes sense.

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link lossmail

Concord will attack the Gankers and not do anything to the logi and target as long as the gank target does not shoot back.(in that case the logi will get kicked out of his rep cycle(assuming he has his safety set to green) because when you shoot back you get a limited engagement timer which is transfered to the logi if it reps you.

There are some guys acitvely doing antigank operations by healing the ganked target.
here is a Video of someone doing it

The whole thing works on the basis of “flag inheritance”.
See https://www.eveonline.com/news/view/introducing-the-new-and-improved-crimewatch
If you don’t, bad things will happen …


P.S. keep your safety on green in hisec when you’re not 100% sure on the rules.


How boring.

Put it on ORANGE.

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(see previous link)

What usually happens, is that the ganker kills, jams or ignores your logi/ewar/pulled concord/‘new nifty idea’… :slight_smile:

If they are hunting a miner with logi support they will adjust there dps lvl , most gankers know what to do but a
combination of things can often mess up a gank for them , moving the mining ship is very effect , ew , dps and logi, mix and match is best , i saved a mining friend once with a cloaky T3

Miner punting

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