HS Fleet Escort

Given the situation that multiple players in the same corp and fleet arrive through a gate in HS and on the other side of the gate is a group of gankers that attacks one of the ships.

What will happen to the other players in the fleet that are also in the same corp and fleet come to the defense of the pilot being attacked?

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If its a non-wardec gank, the gankers will likely focus and aggress solely on their profit target, ignoring the escort fleet, after which they get flagged so your fleet can aggress them. (And CONCORD goes en route)

Nobody else will be able to legally aggress your escort fleet, unless they want to get flagged too. (With CONCORD reaction).

PS: If you are being escorted, you are far less likely to be ganked. It screws too much with ganker maths (unless you are carrying way too valuable cargo). They will instead wait for another less prepared target.

PPS: Coffee hasnt kicked in yet. Correct me if Im wrong or missed something.


Thanks for the reply … I had kind of figured that at a minimum they would get suspect status if not kill on sight


The gankers will get kill on sight and CONCORD response status.
Once they open fire illegally, CONCORD will inevitably destroy them, if you, your escort, or anyone else dont do so first.

Your fleet will be free to aggress them, once they agress, without legal interference by others, or CONCORD response.


Best thing for an escort to be flying is a dual web loki or something similar.
Edit: to clarify, in my opinion.

The single most effective thing you can do is get the target off grid as fast as possible.
To that end , webs are your tool of choice.

However there’s an argument to be made that you’re acting quite the tool and not doing your job were the situation to arise at all.
Scouts and Intel are far far more important than anything you can escort with.


a long time ago I watched a freighter with a logi escort fleet being bumped get ganked, they used 1 fleet to gank all the logi, than had to use 2 fleets of catalyst to gank the freighter. gankers don’t care when its mostly not their isk they are throwing away


I’m sorry, did you just say two FLEETS vs two ships in a suicide run?

Um… As a builder… GOOD. I hope they all bought GadgetCorp products in replacement.

As a player… also good. Team play at work.

And I’m not sure where this is going. Who’s ISK are we talking here?

–Gadget watches her bottom line


a long time ago same arse kicked in my back window looking for the car keys.

i still close them lock my doors a night.

Hey I can give you the Code freighter escort special. Just toss 300m my way and I’ll make sure that freighter of yours stays in one piece.

Thanks to all of you for the great replies!

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Gadet, ive known lots of people to “donate” to code, Miners, missioners, nullbears, other pvpers, whole corp and alliances that toss billions at them.

That’s whose isk.

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Escorts work quite well as either logi or webbers, I’ve seen quite a few failed gank attempts due to logi alone and even been a part of one where they made three attempts on a bumped freightor. All failed attempts. They can kill your logi however if the logi are morons. One of the logi in this case did die because he was casually orbiting at 10km from the freightor and not doing the sensible thing and orbiting at 40km with a MWD/AB.

With all this said, if a gank fleet is large enough and the target juicy enough, logi can’t save it, so don’t carry stupidly valuable cargo all in one trip.

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Order of priorities:

  1. Dont fly too expensive freight.

  2. Tank and fit for fast align.

  3. Scout ahead.

  4. Use freight services of others.

  5. Webber escort.

  6. Additional Logi escort, if you are really paranoid.


If I give CODE isk, once its in their wallet its no longer mine.

I feel they deserve it for the quality service they provide.


You give them money for ganking your freighters? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I give them money to gank other people.

As I am not a moron, I dont get ganked by CODE.

But you dont have to be a moron to be ganked by them. :thinking:

If you say so.

Yes, you really do.

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No you really don’t. “They” just have to not be morons. It’s incredibly easy to gank anyone, anywhere in highsec. It’s only challenging to gank people and make a “profit” doing it. Which code doesn’t have to do.