Scourge of the Alpha strike Gankers

Just for people who don’t know these gankers sit on the jump gates in high sec systems typically in 1.0 systems they keep their security status high and wait for fat haulers.

Ships used are Tornado’s , Ruptures and Thrashers. Because they are only going to fire one shot and concord is often already on the gate , there is no opportunity to fight these gankers , last night I used a passive targeter and sat and waited to see what damage I could do , I managed one volley before ganker popped.

So the only way to fight these gunkers is with killrights.
Only problem is people don’t post there losses, so please post your losses so we can find you and if we send you a mail asking for killright please send us it for free.


If you loses a ship to these gankers please mail me and I’ll setup a hunt of them , you can even join in on the hunt for that add payback :wink:.

If you want to join the hunt I’ll tell you what type of ship you will need if you don’t know and what to do .


I would suggest that those people who want to use their kill rights still contact people like Githany.

It is very important to do this with others as many gankers have escape strategies, many sit at zero on a gate to enable them to jump through when they have a kill right activated so make sure you have tackle on the other side.

If at a station they need to be bumped out of docking range.

As these gankers use tags, a major buff to ganking by the way, they can loiter and are protected by CONCORD. Kill rights are the only way to get back at them.

If I am in on it I will gladly do the initial hit to force them into you on the other side of the gate, I can even setup appropriate tackle.


You know, kr are not the only means. Teach people how to steal the loot and kill the haulers is more effective than to beg people to give up on ISK for giving the kr for free. Gankers will regularly clear public kr on themselves if they are reasonable cheap (~15M).


How do you get around them using a noob ship to scoop into a DST that they warp to the wreck and scoop with what can only be defined as mechanical precision and speed?

Ganking the noob ship is obviously the answer, but I have two accounts and I can’t afford the security status hit on all these characters as I use all of them in hisec. So my option is a single Alpha account but I can’t scoop the loot and I can’t attack the DST as it is now criminal. I guess you have specific characters set up to do that. This issue is often what makes it hard for AG players and not enough respect or attention is applied to it.

In terms of the kill rights most players have no idea how to effectively use them, they either put them at stupid low levels that the gankers pay to clear or put them very high so that AG won’t use them.

CCP have put a system in place to allocate the KR’s to others, that is the best way.


Lol…you mean like the one I had that just disappeared ? No notice of if being undertaken by anyone, No email. Nothing in notifications. There was still 3 weeks left on it, yet it just vanished.

Even if the guy used an alt to kill himself ( which is the explanation I was suggested )…I should still be able to find some record of it.

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how much was it set for ? check your wallet for a 0 isk payment :slight_smile:

I checked absolutely everything. Mail. Notifications. Wallet. Nothing. I got a mail from Condord when I destroyed a jump clone…and a mail from them saying I had a kill right…but nothing whatever relating to it being fulfilled.

It was initially set to 5m ISK…which i then lowered to 2m…available to anyone.

When I look on zKill for Uedama, I see a neverending stream of killmails for people who were cruising around on autopilot in an industrial with a couple of billion value in the cargo hold.

These people really deserve to be ganked.

The way to stop the ganking is through education, and being ganked with 2BN in the hold is a form of rather harsh education.


When a KR is activated and the target successfuly been killed using it then you receive a “Your killright has been used” notification. (You also receive a wallet entry about KR being bought.)

When your KR was activated but the target escaped you only receive an entry in your wallet that someone has paid for the KR.

If the KR did not expire (as you claim) and was activated you should at least receive a wallet entry and the KR should still be available OR if the target was also killed with the KR then should receive a notification about it as well. So if the KR is no longer up but did not receive a notification (and not even received a wallet entry) then there is a glitch. At least should be the only explanation and you might file a bug report about it.

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Easy, be faster with looting yourself :slight_smile:

A single ship looter should always be faster than a middleman looter scheme.

If you position a loot thief plus a loot ship killer (6 points, I use a Vindicator with heavy scram in 0.9/1.0 sec space) on a gate, you can very effectively suppress any gate ganking for profit. As a plus, if you can get away with the loot, you can give it back to the victim if you want.

I’m not sure how you could do this. They are mostly afk, so they can’t open a trade window or accept a contract.



One other point. These people swanning around with a target on thier back, like a mobile loot box are making it more dangerous for everyone else, why ?

Because it is encouraging more people to take up ganking. If everyone was more careful, then ganking would become boring, unprofitable and a waste of time to hang around waiting for targets.

That is why these careless people going around with a target on thier back must be taught a lesson.

Not saying I would ever do it :stuck_out_tongue: But my “anti-ganking” motivation differs from others’, I’m only in for the non-consensual PvP aspect of it (see the irony).


This is one of the oldest scams in EVE.

Githany is just trying to collect killrights for her ganking alts, the so-called Bandit Princess and Vladdrac the Space Vampire. She is a criminal griefer (in real life) and permabanned, but she is here begging for killrights so you can’t kill her alts.

Killrights are always worth at minimum 100 million isk, and usually they are much more valuable. Anyone asking for a FREE killright is scamming you!!!


Again truth. I am attempting to educate the masses on this but I am getting push back from people, esp long time vets.

Instead they push an ideology of victimhood. Its baffling honestly.

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This is true and I’ll link a vid how to share killrights


What cracks me up is you are barking orders and making like you run AG, but I don’t see you organizing anything besides policing an in-game chat channel.

It just makes me giggle man. Just focus on krabbing.

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Does Drac even play? The last thing I remember, he was saying that mobile observatories were the greatest thing to come to Eve and that he would even come back to play in nullsec once they were released.

Then, once they came out, he decided that he wasn’t that excited after all.

He’s been basically camped out in Uedama reporting on gankers. He’s slowly started to kill whore on KMs but basically he’s been station humping in his leshak.

Aiko bullied him into re-subbing and he quickly sucked up the owners of the AG channels. His day is comprised of krabbing and shushing people in the AG channel. He drives peeps away from AGing on the daily.