CCP to implement a better mechanic for killrights

Security status has been broken for a long time. Professional gankers with less than -5 sec status are free to warp and gate through highsec, dock in any NPC station and fire their weapons. Killright mecanics is useless since all it does is give someone a suspect timer flag. CCP should change that.

A better and fairer mechanic would be if someone with -5 sec status or below has a killright activate, then they get a criminal timer. No tether, no docking, no warping and no gating for 15 minutes. Imagine what will happen to all the gankers that comfortably sit tether on the Uedama fortizar. That would make killrights actually useful and give gank victims a real chance at revenge.

It would be a step in the right direction and a sign of a mature MMORPG that EVE could become. CCPlease implement this!


Good idea, but it has a problem: If someone gets Criminal timer, Concord kills them. While I personally don’t see a problem with that, from a gameplay perspective it’s a bit problematic if you could just get someone killed by concord by activating a killright. Similarly how killrights for ISK are extremely problematic.

CCP would have to introduce a new flag or implement the No docking, No Tether into the Limited Engagement timer that comes from a KR activation. No warping could be problematic, too, because you could just activate a kill right, lose to the guy and then the guy is stuck somewhere.


Yes, a new type of rimer should be implemented. -5 suspect timer probably. No tether, no docking, no gating, no warp, but CONCORD doesn’t automatically kill the pilot so other pilots must kill him.

Responding in crybaby thread about gankers and security status.


you sound like a ganker crying about losing his game-play.


Is making people lose their gameplay the intent of your idea?


Then why’d you say that thing you said? You know, this one:

You’re basically asking for an execution button. Making someone’s gameplay harder isn’t the same thing as asking for a feature that allows you to blow someone up at will without even having to do anything.

oh, you people are so good at picking on every word. let me guess - lawyer irl, right?

I’m not acking fo any execution button, altough gankers wih below -9 sec status actually deserve that.
I’m asking for a fair chance for gank victims to get revenge. because as it stands, killright mechanics are garbage and hardly fair towards the victims. gankers don’t care about the killrights on them.


Ironically I have no reason to come to or pass through Uedama at all. Unless of course I want to shoot gankers who are all congregated there.

It is not my fault the majority of the playerbase is too dumb to find their own space and thrive versus staying packed in the Caldari sardine can. The gankers are not dumb either as they continue to shoot fish in a barrel. You and the rest of the salty bears appear to be quite at a mental disadvantage however.

There is no reason to fit crap like this other than retards flying what they cannot afford to lose. Also, lol at getting your pod swiped in highsec after a gank–of course it is because they are all autopiloting or clueless.

Fill the glass to the brim with the salty tears for the holidays!

most of the pods are killed by a smarbombing cruiser in the middle of the gank. thicko!
study killmails before you embarass yourself next time!

It’s an execution button. Since your idea completely immobilizes the target, you don’t even have to tackle them, which means that you’d be able to engage them without giving them any viable opportunity to defend themselves.


Stop flying what you cannot afford to lose.

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Too much work. Nadia needs the gankers to explode as soon as they undock.

For the safety of high sec of course…


The final destination of every request to nerf the gameplay of non-consensual PvPers is and always has been the complete removal of non-consensual PvP from the game.


you scummy people! twisating my words! I didn’t say that! gank victims still need to sell the killright and someone with access to the killright to be on grid to activate it. and also someone still needs to shoot at the gankers. my proposed mechanics would primarily stop gankers from sitting comfortably on thether at the Uedama Fortizar wint one hand down their pants and sipping coffee while scanning their next victim.

Highsec carebears are so scared of their own shadow that they don’t even attack suspect baiters, let alone seek retribution against gankers.

So sure, CCP should change the mechanics. Then it’ll be the next “one more nerf” to move on to.


let me be clear: we need a third flag status, somewhere between suspect and criminal. it should imply: no docking, no gating, no thether. maybe allow warp so they don’t automatically get killed by CONCORD.
is that simple enough for your small brain?

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what we need is the highsec aggro mechanics pre-crimewatch. and insurance payouts on ganks like there used to be.

Make Can Flipping Great Again


those were faulty mechanics. there is a reason they got changed. and it is a good thing it happened. it was a step in the right direction and we need to continue on that direction.

The line between high sec ‘carebear’ and troll can sometimes be thin when it comes to forum posts about ganking, but this character leaves no doubt about their intentions.

This character has made only troll threads in the past and here we have another? Why do people fall for it?