Kill Rights and Citadels tethering mechanic

Meny gankers with killrights stick to citadels activate kill right on them make no sensse because they protectcing by Tethering you cant lock them… its even worse while they stick like stuck to physical station model so close inside that its even imposible to bump them out or tethering range because the literally stuck inside station… At the moment, the entire game mechanics are in their favor, unlike their victims and people who want to resist them in any way.

My idea

  1. Rebulid - Tethering and Killright mechanic, allowing people to use killright on criminals, like while being under suspect timer they cant get assist from tethering and they not allowed to dock.

  2. Adiust non criminal - neutral player defence mechanic that give them a bit more protection vs gankers like boosting faster concord responce depend player security status mixed with solar system security status, like increase concord spawn by 0.5 sec each players raw 0.5 security status.

If base concord spawn in 0.6 system its roughly 14 seconds player with 5.0 security status got boost to concord spawn increased by 5 sec and only 0.5 faster concord spawn if player got own security status at value 0.5.

Example 1
Example 2

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Okay, so all in favor of changing the name ‘gankers’ to ‘barnacles’, say aye.


Do you actually believe this? Or are they just very skilled at using the mechanics as they are today to operate successfully?


On top of what OP said, when you activate a kill right on a ganker they also get a notification. This seems fair considering their victims got no warning other than WhEn YoU UnDoCK YoU ConSenT TO LOoSe Ur ShiP

What solution would OP propose?

If you don’t like that gankers are tethering on a structure, you can attack the structure.


What would that accomplish?

Eliminating the structure so they couldn’t tether there? It’s a pretty linear chain of reasoning


Having to eliminate a structure before your can exercise a kill right is not reasonable

The way tethering works in the first place is kind of bs and since i cant help myself here is the fix?:

  1. Repairing with Tether probably shouldn’t be free
  2. If repairing with Tether has to be free then implement tether on all NPC stations as well
  3. Tethering probably shouldn’t make people invulnerable
  4. If tethering has to make people invulnerable it should also make them invulnerable from being bumped
  5. Who are we kidding? Player collision in multiplayer games is notoriously bad. Disable bumping all together and then give all ships RCS so they can be controlled slightly with WASD or similar so players can avoid clipping each other when desired. A complete overhaul to make ships move more in line with newtonian dynamics would be amaz. But not in this lyfe. Sad
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Oh come off it. It is easy to find out who the regular gankers are and give them bad standing. That automatically warns you the minute they enter your system. There are also all manner of subtle hints and cues of an impending gank. And…any good corp will have corp intel that warns of gankers coming from several systems away. Plus there is the use of scouts. Anyone who is ganked with ‘no warning’ is incompetent and not paying attention.

any good corp will have corp intel that warns of gankers coming from several systems away. Plus there is the use of scouts. Anyone who is ganked with ‘no warning’ is incompetent and not paying attention.

You are not supposed to pay attention like that in high security space

If ganking is so easy, why don’t you do it for some easy isk?

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Calm down miner.

What ? You are inventing yet more pure nonsense out of thin air. It has always been the case that people should pay attention everywhere in Eve.

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High sec has always been the place where you didn’t have to pay attention like that and the risk vs reward is not designed for it either

Here’s a thought - try paying attention.


I should say that to you. How many people have raised the issue of ganking? Yet you continue to act like its good

Why should I care what little people think?