Modifying tether to not be as dominant

Currently all Upwell structures provide tethering services, which has shown to be quite overpowered when use in tandem with citadel spam on all scales of eve conflict.

I propose a change to modify tethering to counter the safety it provides.

Make docking & tethering be mutually exclusive.
This means, if you can dock (your ship is small enough to dock in the given structure) you wont recieve tether. Meaning a XL-structures provides no tethering to any ship (except titan / super on sotiyos) Large provides only tethering to supercapitals (and capitals on azbel) and so on.

To be nice to Logistics bois, JF’s / Freighters can be excluded from this change to avoid too much anger from the logistics community (but I personally don’t think its needed at all).

Hope you think its cool lets discuss.

Why? Why should I not be able to undock and see what is outside a structure safely.
Why do you want to be able to turkey shoot a structures undock for cheap instant alpha kills.

You can use this button when docked called “View Outside”

No overview when you use that. No Dscan.
And I note a distant lack of addressing the turkey shoot aspect.

when you undock you also have about 5seconds of complete invulnerability to look all you want, get a dscan or w/e. that should be mroe than enough.

So are you saying that a Keepstar would never provide Tether to any ship size?


Good to know.

Trash idea.



10/10 argument

It’s as much of an argument as you’ve bothered presenting.

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well first of all it kills fighting to an extend. time and time again I see full fleets of nerds just sitting tethered at a structure untill the perfect time to strike, or just stay there cause they don’t wish to engage.

Secondly it entirely plays into Bots that can warp to citadels & wait out hostiles leaving system.

So, instead they should be exposed to your fleet sitting there camping ready to pounce the second the invuln timer breaks, subjected to 10 to 1 odds and have to take every bad fight?
You know what happens at that point, people log off and quit the game.

You still haven’t explained how this is actually a problem, you’ve just complained people in their home systems aren’t easy targets for you to kill.

well if you don’t wish to fight why do you need to be able to sit outside a structure?

If you don’t wish to partake in PVP, stay docked :slight_smile:

You might have better luck if you describe the details of what exactly you think is OP. Possibly more fine grained solutions would meet the goal? Changing a major feature like docking and tethering requires more than “it is OP”.

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Then dock again before the invuln timer breaks. You don’t get to tether at a normal station and maintain invulnerability as long as you want it, so why should you get to do it at other structures?

If you look at the tether as the reimagining of the POS forcefield then you can see why they exist the way they do. In a POS anyone can sit inside the shield and also be outside to see their surroundings. Also think of the fact that citadel guns are not automatic like POS guns (and are weaker than POS at on most citadels) so while they are safe tethering they don’t get free guns to shoot you at the same time. So as a replacement for the POS the tethering aspect is just fine and intended.

That being said, the invulnerability timers of citadels are pretty bad and cause a lot of spam of them. They give the defender huge advantage to where it’s pointless unfun gameplay over a long time period in most cases to bother removing them. So maybe we should look at making them easier to destroy or at least widening those windows. Maybe require fuel for tethering to be active or to keep the invulnerability. They are cheap and provide a lot of protection with little maintenance so that’s why they are everywhere.

In a pos you also cannot dock, nor get repped automaticly, not can you jump clone & vice versa. I understand your argument if it being a replacement and get that most likely being ther eason for it being the way that it is, but that doesn’t make it a good game mechanic.

However even the smallest of citadels got more firepower than any old POS.

You should read my post regarding making citadel timers stront based :slight_smile:
Heres a link Change to Citadel timers to counter TZ Tanking and to incite more structure death

That could be a function, but problem with that way is that it will just be a few structures (where it matters) that will have it and then we are essentially back to square one.

The fire power of all but the largest citadels is much lower than a POS. Look at the fitting ability lol. When warping to a enemy citadel I’m never afraid of the citadel guns whatsoever to be honest.

Also they will be removing POS from the game which is why they are having citadels taking over that functionally.

They are removing pos’ from the game and making FOB’s to take over the functionality, Citadels were made to replace stations, and simply had dual purpose untill FOB’s are finished.

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