Change to Citadel timers to counter TZ Tanking and to incite more structure death

Currently Citadels / Engineering Complexes and Refineries (will refer to them all ast Cits/Citadels), have 3 timers all controlled by the owner (except one), meaning TZ tanking is hugely in use. This deters people from actually fighting, and instead just dominating in their strongest TZ where the opponent can’t fight unless heavily outgunned (assuming both entities are equal in size).

My proposal is to change the timer system to be based around Strontium Clathrates similar to that of POS’ (Max base timer 1d 17hrs - sov owned system 2d 13hrs IIRC).

Simply put add 2 stront bays and disallow editing of the bays when shield is < 50% like POS’.

Of course if structure is lowpower deactivate the shield timer fuel bay.

This will make fighting over structures more likely.

Also disallow alpha accounts from adjusting stront levels to avoid mega alpha spam for structure control.


Ok, so how do you prevent people from being locked out of defending their own structures.
Because that’s what the stront system allows.
Instead of the attacker having a TZ issue, suddenly it’s the defender who now has the double disadvantage of being the entity who can’t pick the strategic timing, and now also can’t pick the tactical timing.

So you’re saying defenders couldn’t prefuel for a set TZ with pos’?

Especially since you have 2 timers and you know how long after the 1st timer second one is gonna be meaning you can prefuel the bays for given TZ you desire easily.

You also have untill half shield (6-10minutes) to edit the fuel amounts to fit your desired TZ.

Sure, if you happen to be online.
The whole point of timers is that you don’t have to be online.
You also can’t predict the time it comes out because you don’t know when it’s going to be attacked.
Which again, is the whole point of the timer to allow the defender to actually turn up and defend, because the attacker gets to pick which structure to attack, which week, and when to do the initial assault.

So, no, your idea does not provide this for the defender, and it gives all the advantages to the attacker instead.

Well if its only gonna get hit while you’re not around you KNOW that its gonna be a 6-8hr window no?

Make an isk guess at which time is more likely and fuel for that. And like magic you’ve resolve your argument.

Attacker gets a slighty increased advantage yes, but thats also needed in the current sand castle meta.

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