Shield Timer Defense

Most of the time, no one is going to defend a shield timer since it will be decided on the attacker’s time. Even if the defender’s corp is active at the time, they could be out on a mining trip rather than a PVP fleet. Meanwhile the armor and hull timer give a chance for the defenders to organize a defense. If the defenders do try to make a stand at this time, it is likely they already formed up a PVP fleet.

What about the signal amplifiers (used to boost… well the structure’s sensor)? If the defenders do actually decide to fight on the shield timer, can the structure operator swap out the Layered Armor Plating during the fight for a signal amplifier and then when the shield is at 10%, swap it out for the layered armor plating? The defenders could get the full benefit of the layered armor plating while having a better chance to defend the shield timer (assuming of course they have the numbers to even try a shield timer).

One buddy I mentioned said it was not worth contesting a shield timer most of the time simple because most of the corp was not going to be ready for it. He would only consider it if they formed a PVP fleet for some other thing and it was somehow large enough to counter the attacking fleet. Since he often does small gang roams, he didn’t think this would happen unless he asked for 7 guys and got something like 35, and then the structure gets attacked at the same time, and these pilots have the right skills to fly a composition that could take on the attackers. He said he’d also consider contesting a shield timer if there was a high likelihood of winning the ISK battle and in any event, he’d be planning the armor timer.

This might be possible if the attackers mindlessly bash the structure if faced with opposition, but assuming the attackers respond with the best response once the fleet arrives, I don’t see how this will work. If the attackers use Tech II modules instead of deadspace ones, anything the defenders can fly that can come out ISK positive seems likely to win the ISK battle.

Maybe a boosher might make this work? A frigate could wing warp a command destroyer onto logi, boosh away a guardian or basilisk and then have Hurricane pound a logi, have Griffins interrupt any cap chain, and the boosh distance is less than 150 km so the enemy DPS ships have to slowboat to help. I… don’t see how this can work in practice even if it’s fine in theory.

A third reason to contest a shield timer might be to keep morale up among the corpmates. Depending on the structure being contested and the context, this can be worthwhile. I won’t pretend to know the details of this, but every pilot is a human and morale can be important.

I can think of three reasons to contest a shield timer. One is if the defenders already formed a fleet and can contest is. A second is if they can win the ISK battle (and they value winning the ISK battle, sometimes there can be more important things than that, but there are times when this is valued). A third is for morale reasons. I understand the first and third, the second is questionable.

So here are questions I have. First, are there any reasons to contest a shield timer besides the ones I thought of? Second, if the defenders contest the shield timer, can they swap out structure modules on the fly as long as there is shield left? Third, even if the attackers have everything on grid (say… they aren’t cynoing in more guys), is there any situation where the defenders can win the ISK battle without having enough to just outright win?

tbh I think it’s a strategic thing to leave a shield timer uncontested. Unless a corp can flash form a fleet it’s highly unlikely shield timer will be defended. I believe it’s a logistical thing

Can’t swap modules while station is damaged.

I definingly think this is a possibility. A fleet can grind down some ships for sure and win the ISK battle. Depends on how many high value pods are killed and ship hulls of both sides.

My experience is from HS wars sadly. NS/LS can be a lot better when forming a fleet to contest the shield timer. But you really need to be quick as a corp and unlikely many corps don’t act that fast and will have a battle plan when it comes to the armor timer.

I know it’s usually better to leave the shield timer uncontested and fight on your own terms, but I was curious about the edge cases.

Awww, nuts. Well I guess the devs saw my idea.

It’s easy to imagine winning the ISK war of the other side uses Deadspace modules or super expensive pods, just get one guy. But if they used t2 and faction modules (like DC II, Imperial Explosive Armor Hardener as opposed to something like Bryn’s Modified DC…) and clean pods (or just warped off in their pods) you would need to get more than 1 guy. Which is why I asked the question. I’m guessing you are saying even in this case it’s still a possibility. At least I think that’s what you’re saying.

The closest I’ve been to seeing a contested shield timer was when some blues got their refinery attacked. 7 of them docked up elsewhere in the system and I asked if I could help. They said they were thinking and trying to see if they could win the ISK battle. All of them were on solo roams about 5 minutes ago, but they formed up at this time. Against 25 enemies which had established a cap chain with logi, they didn’t like their odds with the ships they had, and I didn’t think much of their odds either. I didn’t know what ships they had aside from their solo PVP ships, but I couldn’t imagine anything that could break up a cap chain long enough to kill some hips while being cheap enough to make it worthwhile.

Some of my corpmates did see contested shield fights in their old crops. One guy’s old corp had several operations with a fleet were made of 3 parts. One part was an Orca with some barges and tackle mining in low sec. The next part was a large PVP fleet, because the goal wasn’t to mine, but to get someone to take the bait and then get blown up (I wasn’t around for this era but I’m sure stealth bombers would just pop a barge and run away…). The third part was some docked up Anti-Cap dreads a few systems away just in case of an escalation. A lot of the time no one took the bait. Sometimes they got a fight. And 7 times, their operation was cancelled because someone tried to attack their moon’s control tower/POS (this was before the Athanor era) and everyone dumped on the surprised attackers. An 8th time was to go back for a Foritzar. Oddly, never did they switch their Dreads to HAW guns to help, but the dreads stayed docked up in most of those fights or in one case they actually did arrive with their anti-cap guns to pop either a carrier or FAX, I forgot which. Other times they formed a PVP fleet to help blues on reinforced control tower and after those fights found one of their control towers being attacked and everyone doubled back. None of these were flash formed fleets but rather pre-planned PVP fleets that just happened to have the right composition to defend their stuff, but he suspected groups more passionated about the game might be able to form one.

If his old corp was still active when moon mining was changed, they might have done the same thing except replace “POS” with “Athanor” In these cases however, his old corp was clearly contesting because they thought they could win, not pick off ships cheaply. In most cases they just defended their stuff when their POS came out of reinforcement.

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Shield timer is basically meaningless. I hit structures all the time and have had almost no one show up. Unless you have a fleet ready to push me off for say, I can solo a rat, ath, or even a astra by myself. All depends if the gunner knows what their doing

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