Remove Tethering? Its Too Safe?

Having looked at it, tethering is just too safe for eve.

The old stations don’t have it, so why do citadels? You basically have two different systems in the same place.
Its detrimental to pvp and the risk culture of eve, its stops the vulnerabilities that people have to expose themselves to.

We have managed fine without tethering for eve for the majority of its time with stations, outposts don’t have it.
It allows the defender too much of an advantage. I don’t think eve would fare any worse without it.

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Eve become’s more risk averse every day :confused:

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EA made Earth and Beyond but yes the EA culture is not welcome in Eve.

Citadels are a replacement for both POS and player built outposts. Outposts did not have the idea of a tether or safe area round it but POSes have a bubble which tether replicates.


And yet you can dock in citadels,

You cannot in pos’s, docking to me represents the pos bubble.

Yea they should just let supers and titans dock (In a citadel (not only fortizar thou otherwise only huge alliances will own supers/titan’s)) and then remove tether.

There are many functions you can perform in the bubble that you can’t do while docked: scanning, dscan, etc. Some of this is replicated by the “View Outside” option of citadels, others can only be done while tethered. As with any system, it is a set of competing compromises. I, for one, like that there are no longer “station games” on Citadels because aggression breaks tether AND prevents docking. We have that feature on neither stations or POSes yet I find it to be a vast improvement over both.


You are right about the supers, maybe make a separate structure just for super-caps to dock in.

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Citadels always came with tether, there never were station games with them as I recall.

Maybe you are right though, with in-coming changes it might be OK.

The old POS had a force field that you could not enter at all. With the tethering you can at least enter the docking range and bump a target out of tether.

Learn the mechanics before you complain as citadels are not outposts and not POS, they are a mixture of both and therefore combine the worst of both.


Sure that make’s sense but no point removing something then bringing in something else that uses the old removed items mechanics (Or effect of them) xD

I still have the T-shirt from the stress test when we broke the server.

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Lose the invulnerability. Not sure about the repair.

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I agree. Remove tether from anything you can dock in. Only tether, if there are docking restrictions in place.

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ganking fleets are using the tether to undock under GCC and criminal statuses.

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@Terranid_Meester POS’s have shields… also, tethering is there for staging without having to warp to a safe… Citadels are designed for alliance bases, but I feel like Engineering Complexes and Refineries are a different story.

Such drivel. If you have a GCC then Concord will come and blow up your ship. No tethering, no safe undocking in a (new) ship.

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Interesting so you would prefer if only keepstar could tether and the rest couldn’t? Could be a very viable alternative risk vs reward.

@Makshima_Shogo I didn’t say anything about fortizar, i mean the complexes and refineries…

Too safe, too safe, wah!

Should we ban stations altogether? That’s just too safe, too safe.

Let’s ban Cloaking Devices… Just too safe, too safe.

In fact, let’s disallow logging off… Just too safe, too safe.

Too safe, too safe…

More likely, you’re just too pussy to go out and find a real fight with someone who wants to fight back.