[March] Jumping and Tethering Changes

Hi folks! This thread will serve as the discussion venue for our proposed changes to the interaction between cyno jumping and tethering announced in the recent dev blog. These changes are intended to be released alongside the reductions in jump fatigue that were also announced in the same blog.

As a quick recap, the current plan is to prevent tethering at Upwell Structures for a short time after any cynosural jump. The tethering delay would NOT impact docking, so any ship that is capable of docking in the structure can do so just as quickly as before.
This tethering delay would apply to all cynosural jumps, including normal capital jumping, black ops jumping, and to ships being bridged (it does not affect the ship that opens up the bridge and stays at the origin point).
The currently planned version of the delay lasts for 30 seconds after the point where the jumping ship loses their system change invulnerability. This tethering delay will appear in the “buff bar” above the ship HUD so that it is clearly visible to the affected ships.

The goal of this change is to reduce the safety involved with moving capital and supercapital fleets across networks of inexpensive medium structures. At the moment this travel has nearly perfect safety, which doesn’t provide enough opportunities for hostile players to threaten the capital ships.

Let us know what you think about these changes in this thread, and thanks for reading!


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Solid change. Nothing to complain about here. Thanks


Not in favor of making JF logistics even more of a hassle. If the purpose is to reduce safety for (super)capital ships, why not start out with these ship classes and see how that develops.


Frankly, it doesn’t really affect JFs that much, since they can properly dock in any structure. All you need to do is treat it like you were docking in an NPC station and dock up right after jumping.


If I break jump invulnerability immediately will it be 90 sec till tether or 30 sec?

Seems super good, really nice change either way. Going back to having to check if local is actually clear to jump to a system rather than just jumping with impunity.


Fantastic change, totally in favour.

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The tether will kick in 30 seconds after you lost your invulnerability, whether you lost it by taking action or letting it time out.


In a world without lag I would agree with you.


You have 30 seconds. What sort of potato and tin can setup are you running?


It is more of a ■■■■ internet connection thing.

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I take it this change is meant to get rid of the supercarriers killing JF’s? Since everything else could just dock up anywhere?

Well I don’t know, I don’t undock in expensive ships if my internet is shitty.


We are currently planning a change for March that would delay tethering for a short time after a cynosural jump. This delay would not impact docking, so if a ship jumps to an Upwell Structure that is large enough for them to dock then they will still be able to dock immediately after the session change timer.

Currently you can only dock while tethered. Does this mechanic change also affect subcap docking?

More specifically does this mean docking in citadels will be similear to docking mechanics in stations?

Big thumbs up!


Seems a bit convoluted to me, just make ships that are unable to dock unable to tether.



Will this 95% Fatigue reduction apply to existing Industrial ships (Jump Freighter/Rorqual) that already receive this reduction? In other words, will they receive an ADDITIONAL 95% reduction over what they already have?

Logistics in this game is already tedious enough for the people that do it. Can you please just change it to 99% reduction on Jump Freighters and Rorquals and call it a day? Making me spend 60-90 minutes to wait out 5-9 minutes between jumps when I need to move 2-3 million m3 of stuff between two systems in the same region is asinine.


[Quote] Frankly, it doesn’t really affect JFs that much, since they can properly dock in any structure. All you need to do is treat it like you were docking in an NPC station and dock up right after jumping. [/Quote]

You can’t dock while warp scrambled. if you jump your JF and get scrammed, you are ■■■■■■.
I very much dislike this change considering JF logistics. removing the stations (outposts) in sov 0 doesn’t make this any easier.

let me dock while scrammed and this would be a welcome change - for balancing


Please do not implement this as is. This is going to create a massive realm for ganking jump freighters on top of citadels. If this must be implemented, please only have the delayed tethering applied to ships that cannot dock (ie capital jumping onto a Raitaru or Astrahaus is delayed tether, but a JF is not. A supercap jumping to a fortizar is delayed tethering, but a super cap jumping to a keepstar has no delayed tether, etc, etc).