[March] Jumping and Tethering Changes

(AlCaino Ceppe) #22

quite a good idea.
I would add a similar type of delay to ships warping to structure as well

(Curant Thanger) #23

If you lock someone, you de-tether, but you can then still dock assuming you do nothing to gain a combat timer. What you’re describing isn’t a mechanic.

(Querns) #24

How the heck do you get scrammed? You jump in and perform the highly subtle and mechanically difficult task of “don’t actually do anything other than dock.” Kablammo, you dock safely. Invuln exists.

(Ettish Ormsbeast) #25

I understand the need the thought and idea behind this, but rather than taking a sledge hammer to a screw, perhaps some iterations are called for.
Jump Freighters already got extremely expensive to both manufacture and to operate with the fuel and the moon goo changes. Now they’re at the extreme risk of being alpha’d as they were pre-citadel. This seems like a giant kick in the nuts to the logistics bros and a gimmie to lowsec pirates.
So here’s a few iterations for consideration:

  1. Keep jump freighter/industrial ship tethering as is while changing combat ship mechanics. In conjunction to this, perhaps consider a tiered approach to tethering delays. For example, a carrier jumping to a small structure should face a xxsec tethering delay. To a medium structure a xx(.5)sec delay and to a large structure a xx(.25)sec delay. The larger the structure, the shorter the delay. That basic delay be part of the ships attribute.
    Carrier/dread/fax = NNsec.
    Super class ships = NN(1.25)sec

This type of change would allow for ease of future tweaking and possible skill impact balancing down the line, and also give pilots with questionable internet reliability a way to plan their move for maximum safety vs quickness while also ensuring that JF’s and Indy ships aren’t sitting ducks on the undocks once again.

Subcaps should frankly be left alone in this whole thing.

(Andre Vauban) #26

It takes you a while to load grid, during which time you are tackled…

(Blue Funk) #27

are you sure that there is an invulnerability timer after jumping?

(AlCaino Ceppe) #28

JFs are still 100% safe…

(Curant Thanger) #29

They won’t be sitting ducks… JF’s and F’s can both dock at any size structure, when you jump to a beacon you have invulnerability, all you have to do is press dock.

(Querns) #30

Yes, I am.

(Querns) #31

How does it take more than 30 seconds to load grid? Eve is not officially supported on starch-based platforms.

(Elizabeth Seven) #32

If you consider the internet and lag issue, you probably get pointed before you can dock in the citadel even you cyno to the citadel that you can docked, that’s frustrated.

Can you make a compromise that you can get instantly tethering if you can dock in that upwell Structure, and get tethering delay if you cant dock?

(Solidus Obscura) #33

Fozzie, do you intend for this tethering delay to apply to Rorquals on medium structures/Azbels as well?

Per the announcement: “This change would mainly impact the use of medium structures as a safe travel network for combat capital ships.”

As Rorquals are used a bit for logistics, I think this would be a harmful change for that ship.

(Conventia Underking) #34

The motivation here seems to be the disproportional nature of having a < 1bn isk structure be capable of protecting a > 100bn isk ship. Rather than introduce delays, why not prevent tethering at all for ships which are deemed to require a larger structure. This could be the same as the docking restrictions or a different list.

The delay only addresses the issue of movement but not the impact of smaller structures on fights, which may in fact be the next complaint leveled against structures and tethering. Adding a delay results in a special case set of rules that doesn’t apply to as many disproportionate situations as are possible with simply denying tethering applies to.

Note: The interesting consideration is whether the intent is to appease people complaining about not being able to gank enough jump freighters or whether the intent is to require people to invest significantly in order to have a safe haven for their combat ships, whether traveling is involved or not.

(CUNextTuesday) #35

Not much of a change really, JFs are still safe unless you forget to dock, which would still be dangerous with or without tether.

What we reaaalllyyyyy need is introducing tether delay to after warp as well

(BearThatCares) #36

Only delay tether if the ship cannot dock.

(Karrettun) #37

Agreed. A delay to tether after warp would make sense.

(Makshima Shogo) #38

@ all the people complaining do you guys even scout before jumping? Really its not hard to jump a jump freighter and dock immediately then wait for a gap undock and jump out, really not hard at all.

(Shalmon Aliatus) #39

What exactly is stopping you from docking your jump freighter?

(Querns) #40

An inability to choose between playing eve and using the platform that he plays eve on to make latkes.

(i want missions) #41

i agree that any ship which is able to dock should be tether immediatly, but i disagree that all ships which are unable to dock are unable to tether right away.
How about not having supers titans able to tether at small citadels and keeping the tether delay for all ships which can’t dock in the target structure. This way you at least need to invest a fortizar to move supers and stuff safely.