Suspect/criminal timer and player owned stations

is there anything you guys can do about people going suspect/criminal and then warping off to a player owned structure to tether so they cant be hunted down and killed?

it’s really unfair for them to be able to tether and wait the timer out that way cause it makes them invulnrable cause they cant be targeted while tethedred

i think it should be if you are suspect/criminal you should not be able to tether or dock at any structure if you are suspect criminal


Hello friend,

You can prevent suspects and criminals from warping off by using a “warp distruptor” or “warp scrambler” module.

I hope that helps you.


The OP should be warned however that successfully destroying the criminal’s pod will send them to a clone vat, which is effectively the same as docking.


Just another way that CCP caters to scumbag griefer basement kiddies in this game.

If they cared about their customers, they would revoke clone access to asshole ganker pirates entirely.

You could also reach out to structure owners and see if they’ll restrict docking access to known criminals like the Anti-gankers etc.


If they go criminal and do that, I am assuming that they are warping away as such, report them to CCP via a petition as they are avoiding CONCORD. And before you get a dumbwit tell you that they cannot warp, they do the point then warp within the same server tick so they drag CONCORD with them, I have reported several for doing this. (Edited to make it clear how this is done.)

One of the consequences I have proposed is that criminals cannot dock at NPC stations. The reason for this is to force them onto structures so that there are consequences in that their docking locations can be attacked. That is all that is needed IMO.

As for player owned structures you can blow them up, or threaten the owners to revoke docking rights to certain people.

Tethering was a big buff to gankers by the way.


When you suck at both EVE and common logic so badly that you don’t even understand that (1) criminals can’t warp and (2) a criminal act creates a weapon timer so even if the action happened at a citadel, you wouldn’t be able to tether anyway.



He says “blocked” but then reads and responds to the posts anyway. What an amazing lack of integrity!

Also, that still doesn’t work. I like how he made multiple edits trying to weasel into a mechanical explanation that seems plausible. And there’s zero use-case for this even if it did work, because CONCORD spawns are personal, so there’s literally no reason to drag them away once you go criminal.

Vlad, you’re obviously doing the whole “block” thing because you’re a drama queen. Why even do this? It just wrecks what little of your reputation you still have left. You look like a total chump in front of everyone acting this way. Do you enjoy that?

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Destiny is temp blocked permanently for 18 years.

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If you block me, how are you going to get my nudes?

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Permanent temp block extended by 17.2 days.

Yeah, one more nerf will make ganking fair.


All Destiny has to do is stop quoting Gix back to me.

Come on guys,

Let’s stop fighting and all come together…

So that we can direct our animosity towards the person who deserves it -OP.


Exactly, in terms of structures which have tethering, the ones that allow gankers to operate can be war decced and as such that means there is a way to deal with it.

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I’ve had this happen to me a few times. Unintentional of course… would normally happen when I kill the target before all my gankers go criminal and I get fleet warped to try and save the remaining gank ships from Faction Police. What always happened in the instances where it occurred was because I had ganked someone and had a weapons timer, I’d land wherever I warped to and Concord would follow me and kill. Everytime, without fail.

This is absolutely and 100% different than what would happen in the past where people were actually indefinitely evading concord.

Are you going to wardec and remove my structures? I’d really love to see this happen! Here you go Drac… Here’s your chance to negatively impact my gameplay. Are YOU going to do something about it or are you going to side step this one?

But the cases I petitioned were not accidental, yours would be, I would expect CCP to give you the benefit of the doubt on that and would not petition it.

We have removed structures if that is what you are asking.

As for your structures, if the people I am with show interest in doing that then it may happen, as we did remove various Gimme the loot structures not so long ago. But there are no plans currently to do this. So currently side stepping it if that is how you want to put it. Another issue is that you are not really my TZ…

And if the structures are Blackflag., no chance… And if they were not I would expect them to ally in, so Bob Hope and no hope…

He would, but he’s too preoccupied with other activities at this point in time.

Rest assured, he’s more than capable of doing it, and is in fact quite known for being a very effective conductor of high-sec wars in which he has achieved many victories and made a fearsome name for himself that is recognized wherever he goes.

And yes, of course the timezone thing too. Because as we all know, structures close down for the night.

My timers are set for EUTZ. Most of my off days allow me to play EUTZ, so that works out well.

Ah, I can’t keep up with the edits adding to your excuses.

No, they aren’t in Blackflag.

Please convene with your fellow war lords and make plans to invade.

See this is what’s wrong with these people… They’re all talk and full of excuses. You’re more than happy to tell others how to combat and defeat the gankers but you yourself are for all intents and purposes a forum alt sock puppet. “Uh yeah they’re tethering on structures so SOMEONE can wardec and remove them. Uh it won’t be me, but yeah someone can.”

You bashed structures from a dead special interest group whose players have all but quit the game. It would be one thing if you went and cleared out Uedama completely, but you just cherrypicked an easy structure kill on owners that aren’t even playing the game for a morale boost. Just so you can point to that thing and say, “yeah we did something!”.

No, no you didn’t. Remove all structures in Uedama and force gankers to throw ISK away dropping new ones and forcing them to use NPC stations and bookmarks and you’ll gain a tad bit of credibility. Surely in all the unfairness you complain about, you can help organize the removal of ganker structures. This is how you have your impact…

I wonder what you’ll choose to do: continue to damp catalysts in your Celestis while beating your chest on these forums, or actually impact the gameplay?

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That is not my play time, so not possible for me personally.

Not currently a strategic goal atm.

We have removed structures, as you are Blackflag it is no shame to admit that we cannot take out structures if Blackflag defend them.

But the Goons intended to defend them, they just made an error and missed it. That is why we did not go for the Fortizar. We knew the Goons would defend it.

We do stuff within our means, we are not here to feed kills to farmers.

You are just ranting here. The loss of those gate perches had an impact.

That is amusing, I only did that to make sure their loss was counted in their stats on Zkill, the real target was the Caracal and that worked really well when I got the right gate. :stuck_out_tongue: