CCP Double standards for criminals?

I’m -7.53 faction standings with the Gallente Federation and jumped into their space today and got some message" blah blah blah, we’ll blow you up!" Ok, no problem here I’m thinking, I’ll just warp to a Citadel that I can dock at, tether up turn around and head back to the gate and leave Gallente space.

As I landed at the Citadel and the tether locked onto my ship, I thought to myself wait a second here! criminals tether up at Citadels to evade Concord because Concord can’t lock their ships, I figured I’d just do the same thing, hang out for a while and get a good laugh at the Gallente Federation Navy because they can’t lock me right?

WRONG!!! to my surprise they in fact can and did lock me and I could lock them at a Citadel while tethered! LOL, They began to web and shoot at me, However I was aligned to the gate so I warped and left the system.

Now doesn’t this seem like a double standard? Concord can’t lock criminals -5.0 tethered to a Citadel, but the Faction Navy can lock -5.0 faction standing players tethered to a Citadel … what am I missing here? and why am I any different than a criminal at a Citadel tethered that can’t be locked? is this s bug or an oversight by CCP?

By chance, did you try locking them before they locked you? :wink:

In fact you are safe from police in tether. But you break tether the moment you start locking somebody not tethered.


Ahhh, I understand now, I did lock them first which was a surprise to me that I could, but I didn’t fire on them

Actually CONCORD will lock and destroy your ship if you have an active criminal timer even if you try to tether. There is no evading those guys.

You are probably thinking of the Faction Police, which do behave the same as the Faction Navy. As was pointed out above the tether will protect you from both these NPCs as long as you don’t target them or take any other actions or have any flags that break the tether.


CONCORD does not care about security status, they only show up if you commit a crime and get a criminal timer.

What you probably mean is the Faction Police which hunts -5 players, and yes they can’t lock you when tethered.

Lol, Pedro basically just wrote the same thing


Awesome, thanks for clearing that up guys

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