Would love some clarification on your post GM Arcade about CONCORD Response Fleets

Continuing the discussion from Pulling CONCORD is now a permaban offense:

@CCP_Arcade So to my novice understanding of this very complex system, you are saying that if I was to trigger a CONCORD response fleet in a system, this system is now safe from ganks until a downtime have passed?

And if there was already a CONCORD response fleet in the system that someone else had spawned, I would potentially be banned for not knowing that there was a CONCORD fleet already present somewhere in the system?

They’ve now flip-flopped on this issue ONCE AGAIN.

CCP, do you have absolutely no communications internally? These sort of things really doesn’t give the community great confidence in you guys.

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it’s not so much a flip flop, but it was too vaguely written and the CSMs promptly got involved in the situation. thank you @Brisc_Rubal

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They could have re-written the instructions to be clearer, but instead chose to just cancel them outright. So it’s a total Flip-Flop.

You’re welcome.


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I’m pulling CONCORD right now.

@Hazen_Koraka @Dracvlad @Githany_Red @DeMichael_Crimson


@ISD I have no interest in this topic and don’t really care to post in threads like this. The only reason Aiko Danuja tagged my name is to troll and incite some sort of forum flame war.

Closing as the topic at hand has been updated here

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