Pulling CONCORD is now a permaban offense

Based on a entirely new, novel interpretation of previous guidance regarding the delaying of CONCORD exploits, it seems that in at least one case so far, that the mere act of pulling a system for CONCORD and moving spawns has now been deemed as an exploit that warrants a permaban.

We’re not talking about jettisoning ships on grid, abandoning drones, hyperdunking or its variants, but simply the following:

  1. boarding a rookie ship while having GCC, and undocking in it to pull a system
  2. moving CONCORD spawns while having a GCC timer

Nothing in the case I’m aware of involved delaying CONCORD during the act of an imminent gank. Merely pulling and moving spawns.

I for one believe this novel interpretation is a severe misreading of previous guidance. If we could have this matter cleared up, that would be great.


Far as I’ve been aware, doing anything to delay Concord response intentionally at any time, in any event, has been declared an exploit for years.

Whether it gets enforced fully and/or petitioned is quite another thing. I’ve seen people play those games frequently.

But anyone playing with concord on the regular like that and being surprised at a banhammer has been sailing close to the wind methinks. But hey, I’m not in the life day to day, so what do I know?!?


yes that is so, however ‘pulling’ concord does not delay the normal response time of concord. concord appears within the normal coded timespan as designed by ccp.


Post mail from GM or didn’t happen.

And read know exploits page once again. Because I suspect, that this is the information you misunderstood

Publishing correspondence from a GM is a violation of the ToS.

I haven’t misunderstood anything at all.

I can say the mere act of pulling CONCORD and spawning CONCORD has now been deemed as a “delaying CONCORD” exploit in one case.


That rule was in place cause folks would publish info from gm’s out of context, without them coming here to set things right. It’s been loosely enforced if 1. You share the whole condo, or 2. You get permission from gm.

Sometimes folks misinterpret what they say and use that against the gms.

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Here is a hypothetical situation.

I am in an abyssal filament.
Meanwhile my alt waits outside the entry point, in case any gankers show up.
Then a group of gankers show up awating my exit from abyssal space.

My alt, (in a brave attempt to take down the gankers and clear the space for my exit from abyssal space), attacks one or more of the ganker ships in his rookie ship and, oh dear Concorde turn up on grid and kill my alt.

Now by pure coincidence, my time is up in abyssal space and I re emerge into normal space with lots of ganker and Concorde ships on grid.

Now, did my Alt “summon” Concorde? - No he was bravely trying to clear the way for my exit from the Abyss in his rookie ship with its civilian guns. The fact that Concorde turned up is beside the point.

So i think this is a load of rubbish, there are too many situations where its a grey area, like what i just described

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your alt did summon CONCORD when you committed a crime in hisec space… when you attack another player, when not in a duel or a war, you get CONCORD to react to you. This is why gankers have so many NPC kills on their zkillboards because they have ships that will do enough alpha damage to take a target down, before CONCORD arrives to destroy their ship.

You can say whatever. Without any proof or reasonable source. This is nothing more than your thin air garbage.

i had to look up what GCC , and apparently its an older version of the timers we have now… Global Criminal Countdown.

Hello. Could we please talk about fleet hangar looting of yellow wrecks exploit as well? :slight_smile:

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In which case you called CONCORD to save yourself, you should know that as the victim of ganking you are not allowed to do that, only gankers can do it with impunity, you should know the privileges in this game. :slight_smile:

If this is the case I am surprised, but hypothetically next time use a frigate or destroyer, not a noob ship and you should be fine.

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There’s a GM post from 2014 in which they clearly and explicitly stated that spawning CONCORD with rookie ships, as well as defensive spawning, are allowable:




That is indeed my understanding of how it worked.

It may also explains why a certain ganker shrill was telling AG players to pull CONCORD on the forums and in the AG chat channel, a truly malignant act if this policy is now no longer the case.

Please can you send me an Eve mail with the details so I can advise all AG players I am in touch with.

In fact I am going to log on now and link this thread in the AG chat channel and the various AG channels I am in.

NB. A couple of people have suggested to me that this is a misunderstanding in some way, it is possible that the GM concerned is not up to speed on this issue so it needs to be raised up to a more senior GM.

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If he does that he get banned … are you trolling ?


What i have observed so many times… miners ect can also trigger concord to sail in the belt too… thi is part of game mechanics…
Also amount of absurd threads i have seen in forums makes me worry

not exclusively, he will not be banned… i’ve shared GM emails on here, but i don’t take them out of context either… thats where the problem came from and why that rule was established. people would take what ccp/gm’s said out of context to make it fit their narrative. especially if they ask the GM to share the info, then they will not be banned.

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There is no exception about CCP GM private communications publish so far i know. So no publishing but GMs can do it themsleves …
i just saw an example about this subject …

Do you care to explain what happened, or do we all have to guess? Did someone get banned for pulling concord? Did a dev say something on a podcast? Did something get posted somewhere? Do you have a source, or is this just rumor mill BS?
No P2W