Can anyone clarify the legalities of 'pulling CONCORD'?

I’ve read a number of posts, mostly from 2021, where it is stated that CONCORD exists in one of three states:

  1. Not yet spawned in system
  2. Spawned in system, on grid
  3. Spawned in system, off grid

The best I can figure is that the response time of CONCORD depends on the sec status of high sec (0.5 being the slowest) and the speed they arrive is the base speed, which happens in instance 1.

In instance 2, their response time is almost immediate.

In instance 3, their response time is SLOWER than base time… something like 5 seconds slower (?)

The posts and screenshots of conversation from GM Icecream I’ve read seem to make it clear that attempting to pull CONCORD to the system, but away from the site of the intended gank in order to give your gank fleet additional time is a bannable offense.

If two gank fleets are operating on separate locations and pulling the fleet back and forth but for legitimate ganking, assuming these two fleets are not alts of the same person, seems to be in a legal grey zone.

And the defensive pulling of CONCORD for people protecting themselves in Abyssals or Mining moons/belts/sites seems to be possibly legal??

It is the third instance I am most confused about. Is it legal for players to log in an Alpha toon, pull concord to a belt they want to mine in, and then log out and in their mining fleet and mine happily under the protection of CONCORD?

And if so, how long does CONCORD stay on grid after being pulled, assuming they are not pulled away by another criminal action in that system?

No its not.

Delaying them is, but “pulling” is not the same.

As far as response time, you are correct that .5 is slower response than 1.0

wait I can just have an alt shoot me and die to concord to keep them on site to guard me?

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I think you’ve misunderstood what you have been reading. EVE University has a useful summary of the topic, here.

If you scroll down the page to ‘Response Times’, you’ll find what you need (after the list of Highsec security status numbers).

‘Pulling’ CONCORD is legal, within the parameters outlined by CCP (which is what I presume you’re referring to). ‘Delaying CONCORD’, by any means, is not.

You may indeed do this, Shiny, but the option is also there for the would-be Ganker, who can use the exact same method to pull CONCORD off your grid and out of the way.

It is considered good Ganker etiquette to clear the site of his recent gank using this method, ready for the next display of Elite PvP to take place, possibly in the same location.

CCP has it figured.


That’s been reverted by the CSM and CCP to „all pulling is legal“.

This particular GM tried to unilaterally change the rules and invented some made up „ask yourself ‚for what purpose‘ are you pulling“ without putting any thought into what he was saying: if a miner pulls CONCORD onto his grid in a belt to defend himself, and then another miner pulls CONCORD in a different belt to defend herself, then BANNED by this GM’s excellent lack of logic because both are trying to pull CONCORD defensively but are having the offensive effect on the other.

Thus, effectively banning pulling while pretending to pass it off as something else. This GM had other behavioral problems like [REDACTED].


Frosty learnt how to safely pull concord by waiting and waiting and waiting some more for the 15 minute criminal timer is up…… wow ganking is so boring,:sleeping:.

Anywho how to pull concord is up to when there is a target to gank and as soon as you do that your back to criminal status and concord shows up to try and stop frosty.


For you, the word ‘etiquette’ clearly has connotations of upper-class conduct, Whyatever. This, no doubt, informs your reaction to my observation (sniggering).

However, I’m bound to point out that, as a foreigner, I find that I am often in possession of greater facility in actually using the English language than those brought up speaking it. I have had to consult dictionaries and grammar books all my life, in addition to examining context.

It is for these reasons that I am able to state, confidently, that your understanding of ‘etiquette’ is flawed. A simple Google search reveals that:

Etiquette - ‘The customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group…’ [my italics]

Pulling CONCORD is an act of courtesy, performed by gankers for their comrades. It has no broader significance, in this case.


What a coincidence. I also was brought up in a different language than English.

I didn’t expect to read the words etiquette and ganker together in the same sentence. Would be like reading Jabba the Hut and refined.

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Pleased to encounter (yet) another ‘foreigner’!

Obviously, ‘etiquette’ is not an English word; like many others, it was borrowed, and I suppose its continued use retains a sense that using a foreign word or expression tends to elevate the status of the speaker. Or, of course, to ridicule his pretentiousness (the sense in which I think you took my comment).

My use of the word was not intended to be interpreted in that way, as I hope I’ve now made clear!

He definitely had a refined taste when it comes to music. :wink:

(No the later addition Jedi rock garbage is irrelevant.)

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It is only perceived that way. It doesn’t work like that in the real world. Although articulate and elevated speech contribute and is expected of a certain status, it doesn’t by itself elevate status.

I didn’t take it like that. Let me reiterate. I didn’t expect to read the two words together. My reaction has nothing to do with you personally.

He’s just a big ugly alien blob. He eats like a savage and has the mind of a Cromagnon’s. The idea of the Hutts controlling Tatooine is laughable.

All about family connections

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Wait until he discovers that some gankers are using dark arts to gank with alpha accounts.

Pulling concord magic is the least of your concerns, believe me.

It all sounds like it’s from a 70s porno to me :joy:

Everyone associates based on their personal experiences. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smirk: :blush:

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Gankers are evil and will do anything to continue their evil tirade across highsec space and work around the legalities.

Sounds like a lot of fun! Should put ganking in the NPE and then retention would go up as rookies go „whoa, cool, mind blown!“


For 1 billion isk, I will teach you about CONCORD.

My seminar, CONCORD AND YOU, is available now.

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The best thing to do is use an alt and pull concord to the belt your mining in.
This dramatically cuts the response time down.
And if you see them warp off…you know it’s time to go.