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Have been trying out ganking (unsuccessfully) on an alt and had some questions about Concord response times. I was under the impression that the response time in a 0.5 system was approximately 19 seconds. However when I’ve tried to gank a hulk on 2 occasions the response time seemed much faster; under 15 seconds certainly. Am I missing something?

Both targets were moon mining on-grid with an Athanor - I’m wondering if response times are faster on a citadel grid? Any input appreciated.

This can vary with whether or not Concord was in a nearby system or if they were actually within the system.

So basically, Concord response times can vary based on where the nearest concord spawn is. If its in the same system but off-grid, you gain an extra 5-6 seconds of response time.

This is why we use a method called “Pulling concord”, which is essentially either shooting at another alt or someone else and getting concord to respond at a station or in the middle of space, and then warping to the belt and ganking the mining ship. This maximizes your time to shoot before concord arrives.

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No, it’s always 19 seconds or longer in a 0.5, unless CONCORD is already pre-spawned on grid and within 150km. If they are already there, it will only be a few seconds before they jam and explode you.

If you stagger your attacks too much, it is possible that the first CONCORD spawn will insta-blap a later criminal in less time, by my sense is that isn’t a factor in most ganks although I have never systematically tested it.

I thought pulling concord away was against the EULA?

No, that is one of the many dumb opinions of ag. It is not allowed to evade Concord after a gank; your ship has to die! But there is no rule against repositioning Concord spawns after Concord has taken care of their business.


Why don’t miners just use alts to shoot them and bring Concord right into the belts every now and again? I am no anti ganker and I am no jim 3/10th supporter. Just curious.

The rules allow them to, and some do; but for others being at the keyboard is too much effort, let alone pre-pulling Concord.

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Yep. 15 seconds is way too slow. I should be more like 1-2 seconds. Old Eve game engine does not allow better values

CCP could absolutely code it so that Concord response is pretty much instant, or so that you can’t open fire on an unflagged target in hisec; but they don’t.

Crime is part of Eve’s design and it is absolutely meant to exist in hisec, the scaling response times reflect that.

If you don’t want to get be a victim of hisec crime don’t do anything daft.

meh forums are wonky…

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Well, you aren’t allowed to dump tons of empty ships/cans/whatnot to delay concord response.

Merely giving yourself few extra seconds by calling them to some nearby system should be fine I guess, as I read this as just delaying by a lot of time isn’t allowed. But you can also read the announcement as “anything that purposefully delays concord response is an exploit”… I don’t know.

Concord response times and how they change when “pulled”

With reference to moving Concord around a system, the last official word was that it was ok to move them around within their programmed parameters in order to gain a defensive or offensive advantage. As far as I know no change to this has been announced, the exploit notification in place refers to delaying them excessively though other means.

GM Lelouch

Hello all,

In order to clear up our current stance concerning this mechanic, I’m going to attach the ticket response I sent to Benny Ohu:

We do not consider intentionally spawning CONCORD using disposable ships an exploit at this time. This is, like all policies, subject to change in the future if deemed necessary for some reason, but we have no current plans to make any changes to this stance.

As far as I know when CONCORD is not on grid and something triggers their response they arrive as usual, takes them the normal amount of time. When they are on grid it takes them less time than usual, thus pulling them off-grid just resets the usual time, the normal amount of seconds it would take them anyway. This is why as far as I can tell it is not an exploit to pull them as it just restores their response time to normal conditions instead of actually prolonging their response beyond usual values, which is the case when an actual exploit is used.

Who needs Concord? There is a Lasertower in the middle of the galaxy hiting every criminal with a lightspeed laser beam in 1 second.


Old fashioned Concord…pfff

I have been playing Eve for several years now, but today a got ganked by a player in a Talos in 0.5 security when I was mining in a Mackinaw. Even my pod was killed and I lost all my implants . It happened to fast I could not react I was frantically trying to save my pod. . I dont think that Concord interfered . Quite an experience to make.
Here is the report >>We are not at war and I had no offense flag and that is what puzzles me >>

LOL so I commit a crime and then explode several decades later? (Lightspeed is slow when we’re talking about interstellar distances.)

How do you play a sci-fi spaceship game and not know something this rudimentary? :grin:


Maybe he meant to say you will be dead in 1 parsec. :smirk:

(Yes I know what a parsec is, that’s part of the joke. :stuck_out_tongue: )

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He could be forgiven since Eve ‘physics’ is so hilariously wrong.

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You can definitely say that CONCORD response needs to be looked at. Very one sided towards the aggressive miners and haulers trying to abuse the mechanics. Another 15 seconds per each level of CONCORD response would go along way towards making this more fair.

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