Anti-Ganking IS Next Level Anti-Ganking

The two questions I have are these:

1.Does a CONCORD spawn have a central warp for point to a gank? 2. Or does CONCORD simply appear at a gank site after x number of seconds?

  1. If CONCORD does from a central point then said CONCORD station, which every system with CONCORD patrolling does need its own starship berth for A. watching CONCORD ships warp to and from their station would be somewhat, distracting. More importantly though is where the CONCORD station would be located. In the center of the solar system or orbiting the sun or planet. All locations are important to determine the response time of CONCORD, which is how CONCORD SHOULD operate, from a station orbiting any planet, asteroid belt, etc.

And with all regards to CONCORD keeping very accurate on criminal activity on the gates of each High Sec system, a CONCORD ship berth would orbit the closest celestial body to the gates in a system. Oops, didn’t see that one coming did ya? Here’s another one you didn’t see coming either. With placing a CONCORD berth in orbit of the celestial body closest to each gate, trying to escape CONCORD would be allowed without getting banned for trying to avoid CONCORD after ganking.

Not to mention the next level of ganker elite would engage is some very crafty ganking. If there is celestial body near a gate with CONCORD berth, the response time is what, 10 seconds at most? Does the ganker simply bring more ships with more DPS to vaporize the target before CONCORD arrives? Or does the ganker use new mechanics to lure CONCORD away from the gate but at MWD velocities?

Or is that there much skill involved?

To be honest, the above new scenario and Titan gameplay would definitely draw a crowd who want to watch Titan gankers try and evade CONCORD while ganking at the same time.

Titan ganker or…meh this way is easier?

Another C**k in the Narnia Machine.


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Wow, you are brilliant.

Yes. Next question.

It’s really not clear if Concord are ‘always’ in a system in the first place. I mean, one would have to check the entire system to find out. And if they do de-spawn at some point, it’s not clear how long after any criminal action that occurs. I tend to act as if Concord are always in any highsec system already…somewhere. One just doesn’t have time to check. Of course…gankers who regularly gank the same system will know they are already there.

As for Concord berths near gates…the gates already shoot at criminals and can destroy a Catalyst pretty quickly even without Concord intervention. I’ve had this happen…Concord never showed up, as I was already destroyed. One just gets a ‘Caldari gate gun’ killboard message.

I doubt that entities called CONCORD spawn from one spot in a solar system or it wouldn’t be in line with the set number of seconds they’ve supposed to apear at a gank plus the seconds needed to warp there.
I think they just spawn exactly where and when there’s a gank after a set amount of seconds.
CONCORD is NPC, it doesn’t need to be at anytime but spawns when and where mechanics dictate.

I also think that the leader of Safety, Aiko, should engage in live shows of her exploits so that we can all see who she really is. Other Twitch / Eve On-liners don’t have a problem broadcasting their shows, so what is Aiko’s problem? If she is such an elitist, then wouldn’t such an elitist want media coverage to spread her agenda?

I’ll give you a private live show for 10 billion isk.

What a weirdly aggressive yet creepy sentence.


You pointed it out, so who’s creeping?

I don’t want to see the other side of the mirror and the image that might destroy the Princess Aiko fandom Fantasy!

This subject matter has some weird implications for Mr. Frostpacker, considering his “relationship” with Aiko. :thinking: :sweat_smile:


You obviously. The person who does the creepy thing is the creep. That’s how reality works. If I catch you looking in a kids window in my backyard, you’re the weirdo doing weird stuff, not me for calling you weird.

Explain how this sentence is creepy, No, Aiko. I’m not a perveyor of male whoredom, after Aiko made the comment about doing a private show for 10 billion ISK. Dont you consider that creepy?

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Nobody is talking about looking in kids window except you.

Why would you even reference looking into kids window?

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Interacting with you is the forum equivalent of stepping into a puddle while wearing socks.


Then don’t interact with my posts and you won’t get your socks wet.

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Many nights I lay awake and try to imagine what would it had been like to defeat concord.

I had only read stories of a time long ago when concord could be defeated!