Anti-Ganking IS Next Level Anti-Ganking

Yeah, that is what generates fails the most.

If you don’t know, you must always assume the opposite - that CONCORD is not spawned in the system. Better to have overkill than fail.

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If Concord was already in a system and active, then the spawn time would be less.

The question is, does Concord spawn in at the point of the gank or does Concord have set points to warp to the gank from?

The real question is how can you not know these things when you’re supposed to be this self-professed big shot anti-ganker?

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It’s all but impossible to prove that Concord are not spawned somewhere in a system. I mean, has anyone actually ever searched an entire highsec system and not found a single Concord ship ? Do we even know that such systems exist ?


After each DT most, if not all, systems doesn’t have CONCORD spawned. If you assume otherwise you will lack DPS and fail if you guess wrong.

90% of my fails were caused by the fact that CONCORD was not spawned in the system and we either wrongly assumed it is or we just risked it regardless and it obviously wasn’t enough.

CONCORD can despawn too. I don’t know how exactly is it happening, I tried to reproduce but to no avail, and nobody I asked knew either, but it is a fact that CONCORD is slowly despawning at Jita. Trying to gank with anything but alpha at Jita caused me majority of the fails. Even when I knew for a fact that there were 2 sets of CONCORD at Jíta 4-4 when I aggressed at Perimeter gate, CONCORD spawned immediately as if not spawned in the system.

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Well some things are not clear until other events unfold like for example a contract was created as a form of communcation and now it had been accepted, this opens up another event where ship modules and fittings will be required to be contracted aswell.

Both AntiGanking Pilots and Ganking Pilots may communicate how ever they feel is sutible for the event to unfold in the future!

Frostpacker holds no judgment against other miners in Highsec, though we do hold a grudge about mining permits that are being sold to good miner citizens of New Eden from a Corporation that permits their own miners to mine without a valid permit!

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