CONCORD took 32 seconds to arrive

So this is bizarre. I was ganking in a 0.5 system just now and it took exactly 32 seconds for CONCORD to respond.

I was using a Thrasher so I only shot the pilot once, and that was that. I couldn’t help but notice that CONCORD was taking longer to respond. When I looked at the weapons timer, I noticed that almost 30 seconds had already elapsed! I kept watching it. CONCORD’s first (and only) shot at me occurred 32 seconds in.

Is the CONCORD response time variable as such where at a very low % chance, they can take much longer (or shorter) to respond? Has this happened to anyone else?

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Yes, it can happen very rarely that Concord reacts super quick or slow for seemingly no reason.

Can also delay them using mechanics that get you banned too


In a 0.5 system, Concorde will arrive in either 19s or 28/29s if pulled.

Server ticks might play a role in giving a bonus second on either end of the cycle for a total of 30-31s but that is pure speculation.

You should use my double- or tripple-volley fitting when you gank within range of sentry turrets. With that you can shoot shuttles/pods/untanked frigates AND their pods once you get the hang out of it.

Also, seriously, it never hurts filing a ticket when you’re a ganker observing unusual behaviour, just to keep your ass safe.


Wow, I never had that happen?

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Just for anyone that’s interested in the mechanics:

“gives the time in seconds between the offending action and the first felt action of a CONCORD ship when CONCORD has just spawned in a system”

“When CONCORD has already spawned elsewhere in the system but isn’t on grid, the response time is significantly increased.”


In addition there’s Tippia’s Concord TTK article.

Just wondering if concord can be juggled. Off grid aggression a something then as that is happening another aggression off grid. At some point slide in that actually intended target. Just curious if anyone has done this.

You would just get two instances of Concorde, one at point A and the other at point B. IF one flight of Concorde is busy with one crime (timer) then another flight warps in.

This is why ganker doctrine states that for the number of gankers you have, you need to pull the same number of Concord into the system to get the 50% bonus delay. Any less and a new flight will come in faster from out-of-system and ruin your day.

Hope that helped…

As you wish…

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You don’t know what you’re talking about

It’s 19/24 + 0-1 second depending on tick


I literally posted the link from Uni…

…and here is the savior of Highec himself…

…but ya, your text is much more accurate…

You can link whatever you want. I’m right and you have no idea

Great to hear. Have a nice day :+1:

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32 seconds Thrasher Rate of Fire?

I’m inclined to believe he would have a better idea than EVE Uni.

Why I still prefer J-space. Shoot a guy and concord never shows up.

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