Suggestion to remove concord pulling/pre-spawning

It took me a while to figure out how did CODE. ganked mack in 0.8 in two catalysts or hulk solo in 0.5 because when I tried I failed. So I made a few tests and figured out that when the concord is already present in system it takes them another 6 seconds to appear.

Why is it so? What is purpose of this? The only purpose I see is to be abused by gankers.

Wouldn’t be better if concord worked just like facpo? Imagine it. No 5x number of biggest gank fleet concord ships hanging in every system where gank happened. No stupid concord pulling with rookie ships, no useless killmails generated no worthless wrecks hanging around stations for 2 hours. Also, the concord pulling looks really silly.

Current system only favors gankers who doesn’t care about their sec status. If you have -10 you don’t mind attacking with rookie ship into citadel to spawn concord in system, where you intent to gank, for the first time. If you however gank with your main like I do, not the gank alt whose only purpose is to gank, and you are buying/farming tags to raise your security status, you don’t want to waste 0.2 on something like this. I already figured a workaround and thats to gank one guy just as normal (without relying on the extra time) and then after i pull concord in that sector, roam with all the chars I used in that gank around as many sectors around my base and dock, take rookie ship and undock, that gives me extra time in all sectors around my base. Prefferably do this right after downtime so it will apply next 24 hours. This makes ganking much much easier and further lowers the cost of the gank.

This is just awful mechanic and I propose to remove it. Make concord despawn when there are no criminals alive in ships anymore just like faction police. Then either make them spawn later as if concord were pulled (which would be better for gankers) or not (it isn’t like ganking without prespawning concord isn’t possible, though without the extra delay only the biggest groups will be able to gank freighters. So prefferably make it work as if concord was pulled already.

EDIT: this will also remove the possibility to pre-spawn concord at the place you are mining etc. which I guess is going to be buff for gankers. I realize that.

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For someone claiming to be a ganker in another thread to not know about pre pulling CONCORD is just lol. You just owned yourself…not that anyone believed you really were a ganker, anyway.

I know for some time. But I didn’t know. I just needed some time to think it though and how to formulate it before writing this.

But yes, I wasn’t born with the ultimate knowledge of eve so I didn’t know about it and had to learn it the hard way.

Now when I know I see the joke here. It basically just makes ganking harder for those who doesn’t know about it.

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I’m not sure why you declare it “awful”. It adds some complexity and nuance to being a highsec criminal. Why is that bad?

I mean, I’m not against removing CONCORD ships entirely since they are completely superfluous as you are not allowed under penalty of banning to interact with them. Just have ships explode after the intended time. But still I don’t see why having some complexity in how and when they spawn is automatically a bad thing. It does generate some gameplay and reward criminals for planning ahead.

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The very same mechanic can be used by people who want to make themselves harder to gank. Trigger concord on yourself with an alt for npc body guards.

lol, good one.

concord is there to enforce high sec security. attack some one in high sec expect concord to be on you in matter of seconds. they are doing there job only way you can attack people without concord getting involved is if you declare war on there corp / alliance .

I think you have no idea what I am suggesting, do you?

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then what are you trying to suggest

to remove manipulation with concord

once single gank happens in sector, concord spawns there and on that spot they spawned they will respond immediately on another gank

however gankers are abusing undocking with rookie ships to move concord from that spot to station, so they can gank in that spot (be it gate or belt) again without their intervention

additionally, this movement (called “pulling the concord”) adds gankers 6 additional second on next gank, therefore lots of gankers are abusing this, myself included, and are spawning concord for the first time in sector usually using rookie ships to gank citadel or some cargo.

I am suggesting to despawn concord after all criminals are gone from grid and alternatively in exchange made them spawn 6sec late (when gank occurs) as if concord was pulled (sincce without this ganking would take severe nerf)

The current concord mechanics only force players to do awkward things that makes no sense (realistically) like: tricking concord to move from spot A into spot B, tricking concord to come into sector by ganking citadel with rookie ships, tricking concord to spawn in belt in order to abuse its presence to be safer against gankers (recently discussed in another thread). It could be much simpler, concord pulling/pre-spawning doesn’t make ganking more difficult just annoying.

so you mean when there on station concord will not spawn but when they are in belts or gates etc they will is that right



  1. gankers gank you at gate, for each ship attacking, group of concord spawns as usual (with the extra time as if concord was pulled under current system)
  2. after all ships are destroyed, concord will despawn after a short while (idk minute? five?)

thats all

when next gank happen, it will work exactly the same

If the 2 ganks should have happen in similar time in same sector on different place, so there is still concord on first spot, it can work the same way it works now it shouldn’t make difference, alternatively a new group of concord can spawn if reusing previous concords should be a problem. If second gank will happen on same spot where concord is still not despawned, they will respond automatically as they would now, no change.

that i can agree with that could be a better alternative and it would remove that glitch where people pull them away or will it ?

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