CCP - Remove Concord From The Game

Make ganking and pvp allowed everywhere without instant death penalties.


  • sentry guns
  • faction militia
  • faction navy


  • sentry guns
  • faction militia
  • some faction navy


  • none

Remove concord and death penalties for ganking and shooting other people, and increase faction navy presence and strenght according to system security.

Make faction navy respond to ganks in highsec, as stronger as the system security height, but not to instant kill us and make a real fight instead or strong faction navy fleet.

1.0 systems faction navy super strong and i mean almost as strong as concord but not instant 0 cap, disrupted, scrambled and dead, like concord do. Allow us to fight it (maybe not solo, but you know what I mean)
0.9 a bit weaker… 0.8 bit weaker, and so on…


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You can already fight in low sec where you have to face consequences of your actions that you maybe don’t like.

This is how the beta version of Eve was. It was a dark and inhospitable place. Too many people lost their lunch money and CCP has been making Eve safer ever since.

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No. If pseudo-CONCORD can be tanked then players will tank it and permanently lock down every attempt at a highsec trade hub or travel route, killing everything that comes through. The game just isn’t going to function well without the ability to have a safe “home” that you can use to recover and prepare for your next adventure.


CONCORD isn’t the issue.
The 15min forced pause is.

The 15 minute delay isn’t an issue either. It encourages you to pick your targets carefully and consider opportunity costs instead of ganking every possible thing that fits the profit/loss calculation.


Are you suicide ganking often?

You need the 15 min forced pause

PvPers like to see themselves sometimes as hunters. Without the 15 min forced pause you won’t just be killing a few you will be killing the herd.

Simply no.
You can gank anybody everywhere in the game, it is just not profitable in Most cases, which is good.

In Old West days they slaughtered all the buffalo, and that was fine.

CONCORD used to be so weak, people tanked them the way they tank rats now.

Alternate idea:

You can leave high sec and have the rule set you describe.

Yes, but CONCORD must be removed from the game completely. EVE is damaged by the existence of a safe space for carebears to congregate. Highsec must burn.

I’d like to weight in that Sov null is more safe than highsec; removing CONCORD will hurt the game more than it does keeping them around.

If you don’t want to deal with it just leave high sec?

Doesn’t that imply that more effort should be made to introduce risk to null sec? For example, you might do a black out on local comms?

Please tell me more about risk vs reward.

Not instant , y have 24 seconds depending on sec status of system. Also , what happened, ganking became too hard? Too boring?

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