Make security status proportional to Concord reaction time

Suggest that CCP make a pilot’s acquired security status propotional to Concord’s reaction time… The higher a pilot’s security status, the faster Concord reacts if they are attacked… I think it would give disadvantaged solo players a means to build up some protection from the gangs of gankers in High Sec who are running them out of the game… Suggest CCP give some thought to this because they are losing alot of newbies and solo players to it…


Source missing.


Dude, you know that’s happening alot… Go troll someone else…

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Am I trolling already? Your idea must be bad to exclude me out of the convo that fast.


How is a solo player “DISADVANTAGED?” They know the risks of playing solo.

Most of my EVE activities are solo? The statement is very vague. were do we draw the line? Who is “disadvantaged” to you?

But new players start at 0, how’s that going to help them compared to a more experienced player at 5?


Just tank your ship. We can help you if you need some advice how you can make your mining setup gank prof right now.


go to zkill
type skiff
see the lack of skiffs killed
close topic


There is no evidence that ganking makes people quit the game (at least in statistically significant numbers).

CCP’s own analysis shows the opposite.

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citation needed.

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Is CCP still looking into high-sec ganking? Or has it been given a clean bill of health? Certainly is a recurring topic.

Competent miners love ganking because it blows the competition away.


I’ve not been on the forums for years… It literally hasn’t changed at all, these topics were coming up since I started playing in 2013.


If you don’t fly super blinged out ships, like you did, you probably won’t get ganked. There’s your protection.

P.S. That fit is horrible, a blaster ship with zero propulsion mods just reeks of incompetence.

Why would they gank newbies if older players fly such juicy ships in a stupid manner? The answer is: they don’t, not really. Gankers go for obvious and worthwhile targets, newbies generally aren’t worthwhile targets.


I wish positive security status would play more into the game mechnics too. Same with EDENCOM standings.


Everyone knows friends are super OP. CCP needs to nerf friends.


I am actually in complete agreeance and would like to see this implimented.

So, someone with 10.0 sec status, will have Concord react in 21 seconds.

Someone with 5.0 sec status, will have concord react in like 50 seconds.

Someone with 1.0 sec status will have concord react in 120 seconds.

I support this idea.


Except you can’t get to 10 sec status anymore.

Even better.