PvE only systems shouldn't be a thing, but --

I think the other way to look at this is to make the consequences for attacking someone in a high sec system far more severe. People should have to really pick their targets with care–essentially it’s committing murder, so in that context a short timeout for taking a pilot’s life is laughable at face value.

A huuuge security hit should happen per gank. After 2-3 ganks a person should be -10 or close.
Would that eliminate ganking? Nope. But, it would help ensure that when someone IS ganked the pilot(s) responsible felt it was worth it.

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Why not post in the thread already about this topic?

I read it, and didn’t think my idea had anything to do with those proposed–the OP wants to discuss her suggestions and I avoided hijacking that.

Murder against infinitely respawning clone-based demigods.


Murder is still murder.

You’re murdering a fuckton of people, if we want to be accurate. Those ships we fly… They actually have a non-capsuleer crew, you know.

Who is the real monster here, that they don’t even consider them important enough to be even counted or considered for murder… Huh!?


Gankers already have to really pick their targets carefully. If you’re getting ganked you’re doing something wrong. You are already 100% safe with proper precautions.

Y’all hate ganking but really y’all have all the answers and are simply too lazy/entitled to use them.


Me for all the stupid ways that ive gotten my own ship blown up. I am walking OSHA lawsuit. How many dead because i ran to the washroom during an abyssal filament? Too many.

I will do it again.


Wouldn’t change a thing. Carebears would still whine that ganking was even possible, and the gankers would just turn in tags to get their sec status back to positive and keep on ganking…


You madman! Think of the children, i.e. peasants who can’t afford clones!


Yea, they’re all androids. Easily replaceable.

I absolutely agree! However, I have a question: what should the punishment be for killing all 16,000 crew members aboard a Federation Praktor Auxilia battlecruiser in the agent mission An Advantageous Catastrophe?


That’s a funny way to spell Matari


What do you mean?

Imagine, a cyberpunk dystopian universe that barely survived the catastrophe of the Eve Gate and is full of the horrors of space – from the mysterious Jove to deadly body-snatching Drifters to the mind-controlled Sansha to literal Amarrian slave breeding programs to literal genocide of peoples in the Gallente-Caldari wars – is rampant with the whims of dehumanized immortal re-cloned next-level cyber humans who are so out of touch with the pleasantries of the universe’s realities that they shoot other immortal demi-gods’s ships – or heaven forbid pod so that they continue their immortal life – and that is basically the most morally reprehensible act known as “murder” that CONCORD should address.

There is a stereotype that capsuleeers are out of touch with the common folk inhabiting the universe and OP’s post exemplifies this capsulepsychosis pretty well.


Good grief we get it. People want a safe hi sec to look at mining lasers in for some reason. We got it, opinion noted, thank you. I might recommend Elite Dangerous or, if you really like eve, feel free to make an account on the test server and mine to your hearts content. It has everything you are looking for.


but,… but., i like to show my pile of money to other people :sob:

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Can they show their money off to each other there? Or maybe just start a “Super Crab” post in the forums where they update each other on their vast wealth and celebrate another day of successfully not interacting with anyone in game?


Because the trolls have to open a new one for when the other one gets closed due to too much trolling.

I don’t even live in high sec and I’m not worried about being ‘ganked’ myself, but there are people who prey on noobs flying tinfoil mining boats who DO get targeted–and I think the middle road is to allow it to continue, but drop the security rating of anyone doing it by a huge margin. Everyone wins.
Gankers can still gank (and now they have motivation to use their other character slots for moar gankers–think MCT sales) and noobs will have less frequent encounters with less skilled pvp’rs targeting dudes who don’t shoot back and/or blob with buddies.