Highsec Ganking Dead - Are you happy now?

Ok so highsec ganking is not completely dead and some little pockets of players still operate here and there, but lets face it, to all intents and purposes; ganking is dead. Ergo, the AG player base is non existent and what remains basically serve no purpose. A quick glance at the various AG channels confirms as much.

NEPF activity (according to Zkill) shows extremely low levels of activity and there’s no denying that a huge portion of their content was dependent on an active ganker player base. I wouldn’t try to gaslight me, NEPF was far more active showing 100’s of kills on a good week - now showing a lofty 13 kills in the last 7 days. I’ve used NEPF as a single case study. I could make a list of players or corps that made hunting gankers their sole means for content production - I should know as a former member of the Hi??en W??ld in-game chat channel where AG would share intel and often hunt gankers or camp systems. The aformentioned in-game chat channel is all but dead and various good players whom I was friendly with have (sadly) moved on.

So my question is, are the AG player base happy with CCP changes to basically neuter ganking to levels we now see in game? You basically asked for this, right?

Personally, I dislike the changes, HS is such a bland space without the insane ganks that used to be witnessed during their peak. Maybe some balance was required, but in my opinion the pendulum has swung too far in one direction.


Swinging the pendulum too far one way or the other is what CCP does best…



The true test will be if the increased safety in high-sec will open the doors for a wider PVE/Industry player base, which the game desperately needs.


LOL what in the quafe are you babbling.

Even before this, high sec was extremely safe.

It only wasn’t if you were bad at the game or AFK.

Sadly EVE will continue to be neutered and go the way of UO most likely.

All cause people can’t be bothered to get good at the game they chose to play LOL.


…and because CCP is fulfilling their demands instead of staying true to the original vision of the game. :psyccp:

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Why? Gankers have been insistent that the recent changes didn’t affect gankers and it’s not any more difficult to gank now than it was before.

NEPF have always been terrible. There’s only so long players will stay interested in landing a hit on a ship that gets killed by concord while not affecting the actual gank. A lack of activity in NEPF doesn’t mean ganking is dead.

So don’t live there. I don’t understand why people whine about how boring highsec is but then refuse to step outside of it. Come out to lowsec, or go to a wormhole. Maybe avoid nullsec because it’s just highsec on steroids.


True that.

What’s funny is if you put content out there, people will play just fine.

At the end of the day, no matter what CCP does, somebody is going to cry on the forums.

Both sides have groups that just drop big old crocodile tears on their special day.


I think it has to do with maximizing profits as in this day and age of short attention spans, instant gratification and minimal efforts for maximum rewards even if just imaginary (including participation awards) it is safe to assume following the trend is expected to produce more players instead of the niche player base the original idea is attractive to thus more likely to result in greater sales figure and that is the bottom line.


I know both player bases - there’s a definite decline in activity / player numbers. As you’re in SICO, you might know differently?

I specifically stated that was a single example. Read the post in entirety - don’t cherry pick.

Again, read the post. This is entirely specific to ganking activity and questions whether the AG community is happy with CCP changes. Where’s the whining? Do you read every post as a ‘whine’ first? Should I interpret your response as a whine?

What are gankbabies crying about now?


Why is it any posting on here has to be interpreted as a cry or whine on the forums? Some posts are intended for the adults to have a conversation :woman_shrugging:

You’re arguing with a well known alt cycler with biased ganking views, just letting ye know :smiley:


That what the feedback threads are for when they release info that this is happening.

Thanks for the heads up :wink:

There are plenty of gankers that fly with Spectre and they still seem fine with ganking. If there’s a reduction in ganking it’s through choice, not because of the changes directly. It’s more likely that people are just doing other things, such as holiday sites and faction warfare. Hunting lowsec marauders is a big thing right now too.

Then it’s worded wrong. It comes across like you think the changes are awful and you’re sarcastically saying “are you happy now?”. Ganking isn’t dead, it’s not even particularly difficult. Most gankers I know didn’t use alphas most of the time so all they’ve really lost is the ability to tether.

In fact the biggest complaint I’ve seen from gankers is that the new docking/undocking animations mess up with timings when moving fleets but that can be solved with potato mode.

His heads-up is a lie. He accuses anyone he hates of being the same person. I don’t think he believes it, it’s just one of the many mind games he plays when trolling people.


For sure. So far we’ve identified Lucas Kell/Elizabet Forgrave/Definatalie as his :smiley:

He also will try to bait you and then mass report your posts, so I recommend not engaging sadly.

Stefie Friar, too.
Not sure about 123, that may have been a different person.

But yeah, he flags posts like crazy.

Before a hull on a non suspect non crimal status explodes there should be a dice roll as a final chance that reads; “Roll to find out if your ship escaped”

(option 1)Resulting in warping off to some random location in system like a logout but pilot is still online and with full control after warping off.
(option 2) explodes like normal.

Yeah let’s focus on the fine tuning of ganking in Highsec with a bonus roll too,

Does concord arive ontime? Early or Late!

If concord arrives late then chances are more on the gankers side.