Many folks here maintain that ganking, specifically high sec ganking, has a negative impact on the revenue stream CCP brings in, despite many of the accounts that are ganked are freemium, but we don’t talk about that.

But has anyone ever considered the impact of ganking on the ecology of EvE? Specifically the impact on the miner species.

Is ganking causing the extinction of the high sec miner? Are there less miners in highsec today then there was 20 years ago? If so, what measures are being put into place to protect these sweet innocent peaceful individuals from going the way of the dodo bird?

Highsec Miners regrow faster than you can shoot them. Especially Ice Miners :).


So you’re saying that they reproduce faster than the predators consume them?

The near over-abundance of highsec mining corporations tells me that the hobby is alive an well.

I’d say there are not enough predators to have the slightest chance to reduce the amount of miners even significantly. Ganking one is like catching a single fish out of a swarm of thousands.


Yah anyone who thinks ganking is going to kill the game especially considering how many big/stupid fish are in EVE is not reasonable.

NO I don’t have survivor’s bias LOL :joy: :joy: :joy:

No, no. This thread isn’t about the economics of the game. It’s about the ecology of high sec and the possible extinction of a species of miners.

I think its the solo miners who are disapearing where as schools and groups of miners are flourishing


Well then, I argue most miners and people who do get ganked know it is an important part of EVE’s destruction cycle. They are not that niave on that front as it is literally what industry is about. (Replacing ships that died by building new ones) I give them credit on that.

Do you think that the miner is being overly harvested by the ganker?

Hopefully they dont become extinct, who can say no to some juicy, young and tender miner? We have to regenerate our souls…


20 years ago I wasn’t here but I was here 15 years ago.

Fleets of Hulks could be seen in most systems, putting on one hell of a light show in regular asteroid belts. In the past 5+ years, all I’ve seen is mostly NPC mining fleets sucking up all the rocks.

The reason for that? I think it’s due to all the mining ship changes CCP has done along with adding all kinds of roaming NPC mining fleets, FOB’s, Trig’s, Drifters, etc…

Also, over the years, there’s been a definite steady reduction of active players in-game.

Guess I’m saying it’s not due to HS ganking of mining ships.



Miners. Especially Multibox miners who do industry seriously honestly care less if they lose a few ships every 1-3 months. I have talked to an interact with these multibox miners and they are so rich they can care less. This principle also carries over to my experience in incursion running.

There is a WTM L badge right now who is so bloody rich he cares less about losing a few ships worth billions every year.

No. The serous miners/indy people take up the slack when the hobby miners/builders quit. 0.001% impact hobby miners have on EVE in the wide world of building ships. I would know I love solo mining myself. My friends always talk about their volume/profits and here I am with my 1 account memeing around. :sweat_smile: :joy:

In closing, gankers will never deplete the “fish” of new eden. There will always be stupid people who cargo expand freighters. Stupid bowhead pilots who don’t know how to fly their ships. People go take billions in isk and go to LS and so on.

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If I understand you correctly, you think miners are going extinct not because of the over predation of the catalyst, but poor nurturing policies of CCP?

Didn’t the barges get a massive EHP buff last year? Did not injecting new stronger and robust miners help?

Yawn :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Gankers provide pest control. Without ganking miners who breed like rabbits would decimate the asteroid belts and destroy the markets.

If the EVE gods did not approve of ganking, they would not have invented the catalyst.


I think ganking actually has way less impact than the big wars. The area around Finanar has still to recover from the war against Parabellum…and the destruction of 140 or so mining and engineering complexes…over 6 months later.

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Sure, but that’s not really affecting the population of miners in high sec.

I’m curious if they are going extinct in those areas

They move to a different area of HS. Like cattle.

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