Hisec miners will not go extinct, minerals are needed in all sec space to build stuff. I also imagine there are far more nullsec related characters in hisec now than before scarcity/redistribution. So either they will fly under a cover (orcas), or do their intel properly, or they will take to the forums to complain about ganking. Guess who gets nerfed then ?


Nurturing policies of CCP?

:sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

CCP is the biggest griefer / ganker in the game.

You asked about the difference in HS Mining between 20 yrs ago and now. Even going back 10 years ago, in HS there wasn’t any roaming NPC mining Fleets, Trigs, FOB’s, etc. And let’s not forget there was a lot more players active in-game back then compared to now.

Plus there was way more Ore available back then, especially after CCP’s recent Ore redistribution change. Also don’t forget the Ore table amounts were nerfed and a waste mechanic thrown in on top of all that.

So yeah, because of that I say there’s way less miners in HS now compared to 10, 15 or 20 yrs ago.

But hey, if you wanna make the case that HS ganking is chasing HS miners away, go right ahead…

No. Not at all. I want to see what people think.

I’m not going to make a case either way.

I can’t believe this topic is still a thing.


20 years ago there were no specialised mining ships.

all mining was done in cruisers or battleships.

I remember the minageddon.

Yes, miners extract Ore to then be reprocessed into material that in used to produce the very same ships that are used to protect the Ore from being extracted in the first place.

What came first the chicken or the egg?

The Egg.

Crocodiles lay eggs and there’s been crocodiles far longer than there’s been chickens.

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Figure about 10 yrs ago were the highest numbers? A lot more fun overall as the numbers prove. Miners flourished back then as I was one of them, sad to say. :yawning_face: Boring career choice for me anyway.

A better question might be what did CCP do to bring the numbers to where they are now since that’s what you seem to be alluding to. Irreverent to just the

you speak of? Not picking a fight, just asking.


Are we suggesting that a Ganker is the egg?

Their shell is weak if that is the case!

Their shell has been buffed , they are however soft and gooey inside.


Maybe, but that’s not a fun, satirical way of framing it.

Since there are those that maintain that hi-sec mining is dying, I want to know why. Is it because of ganking, the environment, or other?

I mean honestly, I see fleets of orcas everywhere in high sec. I see flocks of barges cuddled up to asteroids mindlessly chewing them away. Like Tent Caterpillars mindlessly chewing up trees and asked myself, is it true that the hi sec miner is facing extinction?


So, I’m not alluding to anything. I questioning the premise set forth by a population of forum goes, that seems contrary to what I experience.

And just exactly where do you see this happening? Because if it’s everywhere, then how come I haven’t seen it?

I’m not a miner but in order to complete some of the Daily SP tasks, I do jump out in a Venture to do some basic mining and I don’t see any massive mining fleets other than NPC’s.

The nine-banded armadillo has been migrating north from South America since the year 1850
we should just call them armadillos

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Hek, Nakugard, Torrinos, Ibura, Opio, Umessasen, Udema, Teonsude, gulfonodi, gelfevin, Balle… I have more if you want.

the big mining fleets are now mining moon ore. You can earn in highsec as much isk as in any other sec when mining bitumens. With all the buffs you get when in Highsec of course. At this point if you have half a neuron you would know that there is no point in mining outside Highsec when having bitumens.

For example the moons from Yria constellation are being mined 24/7 by SICO miners. Any place with juicy moon ore is going to have hordes of miners eating the goo.

Another topic would be the abyss miners doing high level traces in perfect safety in highsec (while running scripts), but that would deserve an Abyss Runner Extinction topic.

Ahh, ok, so big mining fleets in HS are moon mining now, not mining regular belts like they did 10 - 15 years ago…

Well, that certainly explains a lot.

So given this information, would it be appropriate to say that the environment has changed, which is effecting the ecology of the miner?

Yeah, the environment has definitely changed compared to 10 - 15 years ago, especially with the addition of roaming NPC mining fleet’s, FOB’s, Trigs, etc.


plus the high sec miner has many more hunters now

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