How will pirates that hunt you down affect PVE?

I’ve seen no threads on this yet so I just create one.


No way to know yet how oppressive it will be, it could either be small minor by fun content, or it could completely kill AFK mining and even mission running and hauling across swaths of highsec. But if it’s the latter, it will be rolled back by CCP after mass sub losses, just like the first days of incursions when rats spawned on gates. (They did an about-face on that so quickly most people didn’t even know that was a thing.)

Red crosses were always shooting you, red triangles were always shooting you, there were sansha ships in incursion systems warping to belts to shoot you when you mined in a barge. Its not big deal when you are not afk.


Yeah there is still too little information released.

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It’s simple: don’t be AFK.


I wonder if it will have any effect on the bots activity.


i like it. I’m all for higher quality PvE players!

This is one more step towards the normalization of antagonism in highsec! \o/


It will be like incursions… Except instead of an abrupt start, it will be gradual.

First, the site will spawn. As the timer starts ticking, the rats will get bigger and more aggressive. Eventually they will start running gate camps and trying to kill miners.

As for what miners and mission runners will do… Mission runners, if paying attention, will run the early sites and kill off the incursion. Miners… Jump clone to a new system and mine there. Thus is why you keep one one in omber territory, one in plagio.

It will be great if you are in a fleet with 20 people at -10 to BR/G and each spawns such an NPC gang. It will be glorious.

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Better pve!


If the rewards are not worth it compared to Incursions, and they require a real fleet, nobody will bother with these bases.


Unless forced too. If it renders a common mission hub unusable, people will clear it.

CCP should focus less on how to make AI to imitate space pirates to enrich PvE players’ experience, and focus more on how to connect the actual player pirate and the PvE player.


Which people? The highsec solo “carebears”?

Not everybody who runs missions in high-sec is a solo carebare. I’ve done that, simply because I didn’t have time to deal with null/low sec politics/drama. - If I’m already out in a PvE fitted ship, and there is compelling reason to join in a PvE event, without fuss or the need for drama. That’s something I’d do.


If you disrupt their mission income, yes they will. You can say how anti-social they may be, how timid, etc. However if you impact their income, they will react. Given incursions hurt bounties, these gurista attacks may as well.

And remember, a lot of incursion runners started as carebears.

So yes, I do think the solo bears will work to clear such trash from their space if it impacts their income source.

I would also think that HS mission runners will become more proactive to the pirates the more they are encountered on a regular basis. The initial reaction may be to move elsewhere, but the realization that the pirates will grow stronger and not leave on their own will probably result in HS players realizing that they need to strike early and hard before the npcs become entrenched in their favorite mission running systems. Aggressive npcs at belts and gates would be great; that is, if they are at a magnitude less than the current drifter battleships.

Stupid as ■■■■.
They better drop good loot if they keep making NPCs harder to farm.
If an NPC follows me and is hard to kill he needs to drop the same kind of loot a real player could drop. Millions to potentially hundreds of millions or over a billion if it drops deadspace/faction mods like any blinged out ship would drop.

If it doesn’t offer any increased drops there’s no reason wasting time fighting them.


Accept that it appears from others comments (?) that if you don’t stamp on them hard when they first show they’ll increase in numbers & strength until the system is unusable for any pve.

I predict the same level of difficulty as the miner support fleets in the worst case, when pirates will grow to full strength in the system.