Highsec Ganking Dead - Are you happy now?

CCP could just sell escape permits in the CA$H shop. :wink: :smirk: :innocent: :popcorn:



No it would just be like a popup simular to the new docking logo, which brings another thought that Frostpacker wishes to mention.

How about making another NEW Logo so each stargate we get to see that huge logo
(ie sample; JUMPING )

Swell YES?

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Membership of SICO is a good reason to dismiss anything they say as bollocks.


Because it’s easier to dismiss.

I would think so as well.

I did read quite a few posts claiming that the recent changes weren’t going to affect gankers and can only take them at their word.

So could ‘Ganking is dead’ be the same kind of hysterical statement as ‘EVE is dead’?

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CCP has to “Swing the pendulum too far” because eve players are so hidebound and set in their ways nothing else produces a perceivable result. There’s people still doing highsec level 4 missions everyday, for cripes sake.


So it’s not a sandbox game? You can’t play the way you want? Just making sure…

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Indeed. As for me, I enjoy forum PvP as much as the next person. I regularly engage in all sorts of topics on this forum and believe in the purity of EVE’s vision and how that should lead to burning in space regularly.

Unlike Box Boy tho, I don’t and never do snitch to CCP LOL. If it means enough, I’ll attempt to solve it with antimatter in game. I mean the kind of games he plays makes me giggle that a grown dude would go to such lengths, but I also feel for the fella man.

Actually peeps are hunting the high sec marauders that peeps are using to run the event. You can tell he don’t play because of how out of date he is :smiley:

I wouldn’t say dead, but its taken a large blow. You can tell just by F10. And again, it was never the nubs that were in danger.

I mean you can make decent cash running 4s and LPing. Plus some peeps actually like earning the navy ships themselves to fly.

If you can run burners, you can make even more.

Yea, it’s a weird take LOL. LvL 4s bring in a decent cash flow at relatively low risk.

Unless you dumb and run SoE and undock your marauder when Hawk is in system :smiley:


That would require you to log in. But you’re a forum alt, so you won’t.

I’m sure people will be doing both, but I know that I’ve been in fleets with some of those gankers hunting marauders in lowsec for weeks.

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Huh ? No-one seems to have told my ganker account that. I took part in ganking a Retriever only yesterday. And I set up 20 new Catalysts today. I fully intend to carry on.


You’ll be one of the pockets of players I refer to in my post. I’ve seen the remarkable decline in activity and zkill seems to back this up.

THANK YOU CCP for finally fixing ganking! Now the game can finally start to grow again!

Now, if you could also fix the griefdec system that makes it impossible to own space dwellings, that would be great. The high-sec war griefers are getting completely out of control, and it’s becoming nearly impossible to be a self-sufficient industrialist because of it. I see no reason why anyone who starts a war shouldn’t be made an outlaw by CONCORD just like gankers are, and subject to the same exact penalties, because the two play styles aren’t any different; they both focus on griefing peaceful players who just want to play the game without being bullied. Also it’s ridiculous that wars only cost 100 million ISK. They should cost at least 25x as much, and the money should instantly go into the wallet of the victim corporation.

Please fix this so that EVE can have a healthy third decade!


You just don’t get it, Destiny. There shouldn’t be any penalties - the actions should be made physically impossible. Lock all safeties to green in highsec and yellow/green in lowsec. This is the only way we can grow the game.


No, I think you are making up or misconstruing figures. If you look at NEPF stats you will see that the figures for Dec 2022 really aren’t any different to Dec 2021 or Dec 2020.

The main ganker channel is as active as ever.

It is just plain nonsense to claim that ganking is dead. If anything it is perking up…especially as I try to get more members for my corp’s ganker wing.


Ganking showed extremely low levels even well before the changes were even announced. There were days or weeks of no freighte ganks in Uedama. Ganking dieing (if it even does that) has little to nothing to do with the limitation of ganking to Omega or the slightly increased risk when they undock. Nothing else has changed in years with regards to ganks.

After the passive hull resist changes 5 years ago (or was it even longer ago?), nothing else has changed that makes ships more survivable, or people less stupid as continued Marauder ganks in Osmon and Lanngisi and so on show. If the removal of indefinite, risk-free ship tackling and the introduction of much needed, long overdue Empire consequences against Piracy kill ganking, people who engaged in this activity are just not cut out for it.

Why would you not want to do that? L4s are enjoyable, varied, sometimes even challenging, and most importantly they are run in open, non-instanced space where everyone can interact with you everywhere. L4s have a lot going for themselves that almost any of the new PVE intentionally does not.

Are people undocking their bling Hulks again? Is it time to come back and do a permit inspection?


Seems to me a lot of playstyles have ‘taken a blow’. Maybe some things need to be nerfed/buffed or taken down to accommodate this “evolution” that EVE is going through.
Lots of people say it will kill the game and others are okay with it and others say numbers of logged players are going down/will go down while proof is lacking.
I don’t generally like it when devs start to shuffle everything around, start nerfing and taking out without apparent reasons for doing so. I’m really curious what shape this “evolution” will take.

One with less subs and a shadow of it’s former glory.

News flash, nothing is new under the sun kiddo :smiley:

UO already tried this, didn’t work out so well.

Ironically, EVE is lacking in some spaces that would somewhat compensate for what they are trying to do. Hence why it won’t work out long term.

Just to be clear I never asked for it, nor did many of the ag people I know.

It was up to us to try and stop them and we started to make good progress, we did not need ccp to bow down to the snowflakes.

But your right our main content has changed but other challenges await, I’ve noticed that gankers have started to target certain groups and areas, all the mess with hateless then orcas, now incursion runners, maybe we now have to be more active in hunting these groups.

As for the last 7 days of zkill, well that’s really the holiday season and low log in numbers.

I’ve also noticed some gankers showing up in low and null, one even mining with lots of alts, that could be a nice target in the new year.

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I appreciate your use of double-quotes.

I am pretty sure CCP trying to eliminate the survival of the fittest forcing function at every turn literally means evolution cannot take place. The only way evolution takes place is when there exists a forcing function that punishes the weak, stupid, lazy, ignorant, and ineffectual.

So, sure, eliminating this forcing function is indeed leading to change. That cannot be argued. Hence, at-best this change is “evolution” with the ironic or empty-spirited air-quotes. :slight_smile:

Note that evolution occurs amongst a population, not within an individual. CCP trying to appeal to broader audiences – a wider, more diverse population (with behaviors I personally find undesirable, hence this is my opinion) – necessarily needs to weaken the forcing function to allow once-undesirable traits to survive. So none of my comments are meant for specific individuals, just drunkenly opining about the broader picture.


Quoting King David, eh? You maight be alright after all.

That’s what I keep reading from one side and totally the opposite from another while a lot of others seem rather blasé.
I seriously doubt that those responsible for EVE would be working in direct contradiction with what makes it profitable and engaging. Of course, I’ve been wrong before :smiley:
Still, EVE has been dying a long time. It can certainly keep dying for the next ten years.