Safety Delaying concord

So is CCP going to do something about this problem? Am I to believe you can kill a freighter now in high sec without concord blowing up a single ship?

Seriously CCP you need to do better about banning this corp that just exploits high sec’s bugs.

Link kill

Proof? Substance? Posting on your main?

Obviously that would be asking far too much…

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There’s a difference between concord response times and evading concord.


You got proof that CONCORD never came or

More likely you salty cause you died before CONCORD came huh?

And I’m betting you didn’t have a single tank mod fitted…


I was not actually involved i am just looking at the zkillboard and noticed

When you see freighter kills on Zkillboard, but don’t see any of the ganker losses it’s because kills and losses aren’t automatically sent to Zkillboard. In order for kills and losses to show up there someone on the kill or loss mail needs to be logged in an authed with Zkillboard, OR you can manually upload the kill or loss.

What you see happen in the situation you noticed is that the gankers are uploading the kill, but aren’t uploading the loss.


So in other words you got no idea what you’re talking about and made wrong assumptions?

Faylee already answered what happened. So you didn’t even see it go down in game?

Yea. You fail at EVE. I would suggest deleting your thread/post.

Salty or what.

No? You admitted to not even being involved and only going off of zkills.

In other words you have no idea what you’re talking about :smiley:

we have seen this tactic used before by a certain individual. I am not surprised at all that oher players started using it, especially since that certain individual is also a known ganker, e probably taught the rest of code how to do it.

You mean Adrian? We literally explained how you were wrong a couple of nights ago. And uh, you gonna send that 500 mil for that or still be a deadbeat miner? You literally cannot stop CONCORD from coming, unless CONCORD was never triggered, as in suspecting baiting and LTEs, which he used.

Quafe. That’s 550 mil you owe me now because I literally had to say it again. The bill just keeps going up huh?

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That’s why it’s important for gank victims to log their losses , we need the info to help us track gankers and get the killrights, I’m surprised gankers go to so much trouble to hide their pilots ,as they say we aren’t effective and fail, their actions show the truth, :grin::policeman::policeman:

(Please don’t make up any other reason for hiding from zkills, we don’t want to hear.)

Its why I didn’t upload for a long time. People can gather too much intel on your fits.


It just doesn’t look good on the killboard

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Other than that one

the large amounts of abandoned rookie ships have nothing to do with it…

Indeed, when they are abandoned they don’t force concord to move.

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