Concord Pull = Permaban?

Hello Folks,

We have yet another reversal on the ruleset regarding standard concord pulling that has been performed this way by gankers for years. CCPlease clarify again - The final post in this article suggests that concord pulling is no longer allowed.

If this is true, CCP will lose a great deal of gank/anti-gank content and subscriptions (as well as 40 accounts of mine). Highsec ganks will only be possible via alpha ships (Tornado/Thrasher) due to the subjectivity of GMs and the ways that rules are written. CCPlease - are you absolutely certain that this is what is desired?



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just go do a small “failed gank” on the opposite side of the system

Remember, GM subjectivity of rule evaluation. No way around this. They could even argue that a successful gank on a different gate was done to manipulate (or “pull”) concord.

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The ruling doesn’t make ganking forbidden, it is just making ganking a little more difficult. But the problem with this ruling is that it puts much of ganking in a grey zone. A gank could be ruled as pulling or spawning CONCORD.

I don’t mind if they make ganking harder, but the problem with this rule is it is impossible to enforce.

A legit failed gank that pulls concord to a location would definitely deter another gank attempt on that grid until they ■■■■ off. I get using an alt in an ibis to pre pull concord, but imagine some dumb ■■■■ just doesn’t have a clue, gets nuked and, you catch a ban for pulling concord. Dumb.

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Exactly, there’s no clarity as to what’s an exploit and what’s not.

Can I has your stuff?

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EDIT: Link back to original locked thread: Pulling CONCORD is now a permaban offense - #54


Hey @Developers @GM @CCP @CSM

If you are so concerned about “delaying CONCORD”, why not fix their despawn? If CONCORD would despawn right after target is killed, CONCORD response would not slower nor faster.


we are the good guys !!, we enforce the just laws of highsec, and i will continue as normal untill CCP officially tells me otherwise.


shhhhhhh don’t give em actual workable ideas! :smiley:

Or remove CONCORD altogether, High Sec is too safe anyway.


I submitted a ticket for lost wages of 6.85b during this total clusterfk.

But that is the purpose of highsec, if concord was deleted then all the system will be a battlezone with no safe system


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Yeah pretty much the way it was written is too vague to discern a pull from a gank, if they want to prevent this gameplay they’d better just make CONCORD teleport instantly or spawn unlimited copies

One thread wasnt enough for this garbage non-story?


just another whale threatening initially to unsub 40 accts… tbh if they are that concerned, just leave.


The way it should be - ANARCHY !!!