Tanking Concord offgrid in tradehubs?

I’ve just returned. How long has this been going on? CCP is ok with it? Seems like it kinda breaks hi sec.

There is no tanking Concord. What, exactly, are you talking about? If you are talking about criminals being tethered to citadels, yes, that’s a thing…

A couple of days ago there were Minmatar militia camping Amarr trade hub with no aggro from the police. I was told they had alts perma tanking them off grid. Then after that I’ve noticed lots of people in Tornadoes (who show up orange on my overview) and Concord doesn’t seem to bother them. Maybe its a problem with my overview settings. I never hang out long enough to check their security status.

That isnt Concord. That’s faction Navy. It’s basically an exploit but not sure if its classes as a bannable exploit.
In the mean time yell in the milita channel for help.

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I’m not sure that is the case. You are allowed to interact with and fight the Faction Police and the Faction Navy, unlike CONCORD, and they have been coded to have limited spawns I believe based on security of the system. Therefore it seems perfectly legit to lay siege to a system and have part of your fleet engage them while the rest looks for other targets in a system.

I’m not sure there is a public ruling on such strategies but it probably is perfectly fine. They are just another set of NPCs populating the universe like the NPC pirates we a more used to interacting with.

You are allowed to fight with them, but the deliberate tricks people use like warping 500 times to get the AI to crash and lose them that allow them to camp the trade hub are very borderline on if it should be classed as an exploit.
Really it’s an area that CCP need to come back to and introduce response fleets like miners have, and have station guns engage (or give all stations citadel type defenses and have those engage instead, since they better reflect the ‘not insti killing a small ship but a threat to a big ship’ philosophy.)
The AI on the Faction police is pretty much dawn of EVE stuff.

I would say those are actual exploits. But just tanking them somewhere or exploding them so your allies can can operate without them seems to me completely intended game play.

I agree. If we are going to have NPCs they should be smarter and more life-like. Further, I would say they should get out of the way more (to leave room for players to interact) and be much less predictable. You shouldn’t know to the second when they spawn and what their fleet composition is, but there should also be a chance they don’t show up at all (or for a long time at least) to make room for the players to interact. They aren’t a hard game mechanic like CONCORD, but are suppose to be NPCs that have agency and giving them the new AI would make them less of an easily avoidable/gameable game mechanic, and more of a real entity in the game universe.

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