NPC security forces should be more immersive

Concord ships and faction NPC ships shouldn’t be created out of the void.

They should be bought in the market place through taxes or donations and be part of the economy.

There should be a rather high price for the security in highsec, a natural way to balance the game and make people leave their safespace.

I disagree.

So what you are saying is there should be so many security ships in Hi-sec no one should be ale to fly or are you just missing how much hi-sec pays in taxes.

Well, if ships get produced by players, the OP-ness of Concord would be gone. Tho you could replace it with an increased amount of ships - the essence is that security has a cost. And that cost is probably unpayable in a 1.0 sec system, effectively discouraging progressed players from going near 1.0 sec. One could combine it with tax loopholes for newbies and poor players.

Just my first 2 cents. I’m sure people can build on the general idea and make it much more interesting.

Generally, I think that would introduce more dynamics, more interactions of the NPC world with players. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a sales tax of 40% in Jita and to have the choice between “safe” trading and “cheap” trading? Having the biggest trade hub in “safe” territory doesn’t particularly contribute to the game’s content.

Lore wise.

the ships that players create are designed specifically for capsuleer use… for every playable hull there is an in game NPC version that dose not support a POD pilot. insert fleet navies and pirate factions.

concord is a 5 empire conglomerate that is headed up by a council and ship production has been traditionally overseen by the Jovian shipyards. thus the ships are far superior to any current player hull, they are also technically considered drones as they are not manned… there are variants that are fitted for human control however this portion of the CC fleet is considerably smaller and is primarily an expeditionary force used to run sorties in to Pirate and hostile space (null)

it is only in recent years that that there has been any faction capable of standing up to concord. the drifters have comparable tech to the jovians and are rumored to make use of capsule tech.

back to your idea, it would be a terrible idea to have players build the ships used for response fleets by NPCs. people would just not build or sell them to the buy orders, all space would become lawless.

My opinion.

I absolutely love the concord faction, the ship designs are stellar both old and new, their implementation is great to. they are the perfect response to hostile action, they always get their target. i would love to see more fluff relating to both concord and NPC staging locations in systems. a little sig here or there with fleets coming and going

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Oh jeez, yet another “use badly thought out game mechanics to force people out of high sec” idea. And like most of the others, this one stinks too.

Your idea is silly and unworkable for a lot of reasons. CONCORD is OP because back in the past players abused the ability to tank them forever and get away with high sec crimes with impunity. For that reason CCP made them insta-kill monsters.


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