CCP Cheating!

I would like to know why players can not use Dreadnought in High Sec but the NPC can use them against players in High Sec?

Either we need to be able to use Dreadnought too or the NPC spawn table needs to have them removed and replaced with battleships only!



You get CONCORD as part of the terms of the Conference of Yulai but cant use capitals in High Sec.

Pirate factions have never signed those documents.


Also thats a KM. You are literally crying over a dead NPC dread


What the f do you want to convey?

Sorry I’m late. I saw the title and got here as fast as I could. What can I help with?

Oh wait, I see you’re schlong-wafting about killing NPCs.

Carry on.


Start trolling, side-stepping and similar â– â– â– â–  in order to close this â– â– â– â–  as fast as possible.


This answers nicely , can close the thread :sunglasses:


Although I agree with your sentiment…but i think you need more fiber in your diet.

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I hope you’re listening CCP. You dumb down the game, we get dumb players like the OP.

Is it uncool to facepalm yet?


Yeah, I agree OP It’s an outrage!! What do they think they own the game or something?!


What’s worse: This, or the post people like OP would have made if they had lost a Dread to a CONCORD gangbang?


They are attacking HIGH-SEC citadels with fkng CAPITALS NOW?!?

CCP has gone full-post-modern-reeeeeeeeeee…

Where can we pay these NPC factions to attack citadels of our choice??


what is this though? 28 dreads killed is quite a lot, especially for npc’s where you rarely see more than one.

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Old news - it was last week. People were all preoccupied with “how dare they make null risky for my bots!!! I demand someone does something!!!” for high-sec things to be noticed.

There was a context to this; it’s not a regular “roaming Blood Raiders” thing, but a deliberate act by CCP for good reasons (they do this - do you follow the news?). Twenty or so Dreadnaughts and their support ships against a citadel without warning - fun and exciting when you can only respond with a sub-capital fleet and the citadel’s weapons. A good job by all involved defending the Empire’s interests in Derelik.

I suppose it’s different in high-sec.
Look at the range of ships involved: That’s people grabbing what they can and pitching in rather than whining about it.


I wouldn’t be so quick in painting all of null sec whining about this black out from a small group of hi-sec refugees. If you pay attention to other channels, you might pick up a completely different tone.

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I know there are plenty that think the changes are good, and as always it’s a vocal, self centered, minority of whiners that can’t accept change.
But gods, aren’t they a noisy bunch of sad cases.

If I’ve offended someone that wants a challenge and relishes change, then I apologise.

So saying, I’ve been in some great battles in high-sec - both against CCP and against other pilots. Enjoyment is where you find it.
And to those that enjoy whining…

The KM in the OP is from a lore event.

Edit: Took me a while to find the thread, this is old news.


by your example of pirates havent signed on…shouldnt they be killed in about 30 seconds or so by concorde in high sec then like all other law breakers?
pretty sure code hasnt signed them either

Because this would bring logic into the game and CCP is having none of it!

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NPC dreadnoughts in high sec were always the means to force players into omega or fleets.