Carriers and Dreads

I was thinking about it and why carriers and dreads aren’t allowed in HS and I know there is some sort of lore behind it but when it comes to why they actually aren’t allowed as far as game mechanics go it just doesn’t make sense.

I would love to be able to fly a carrier or dread around in HS running level 4 missions or maybe CCP could bring some level 5s to HS or even better add new missions that only a carrier or dread could run.

This could also help with the crazy amount of citadels flooding HS.

I feel like carriers and dreads are such a cool part of the game but the only times they are used is for large fleet ops, grinding anomalies in NS or lvl 5s in LS… they are something new players aspire to being able to fly but they have such a barrier to having them as you have to be in a large alliance or group in LS/NS to really even undock one without knowing it’ll be ganked on site.

I mean, there’s no way people will use them to gank people in HS as concord would blow them up and that would be an expensive loss. The war mechanics restrict war on corps that don’t have structure anyways right? So this would lower the amount of structures going up as you’d really need to defend them.

I’m curious as to why this couldn’t be a thing? I’m sure there has to be a strong and legitimate argument as to why they aren’t allowed but I just can’t pinpoint it.


We dont need to make it even easier to print ISK in highsec, this would be so broken.
Not to mention that you could just stay in a non-wardeccable corp and your caps would be nearly unkillable.
You want lvl V missions? GTFO of highsec and risk your stuff.
As for structure grinding, you dont need them. A moderate fleet can already hit the damage cap on many things.
Also, you can use caps in small gang if you’re careful, ive killed plenty (And whelped some :p) in small gang environments with < 10 people.


In what way doesnt it make sense?

Why? Because they are “endgame content”?

This would almost certainly happen.

It would simply multiply the cost as both sides could use them, meaning the barrier to new players declaring wars would go from cost of structure to cost of structure and cap fleet.


Which would totally screw up the tuning of missions.

You want to fly a cap, take the risk.

Hiding in HS is not risk.


You do realize capitals can’t actually use almost any acceleration gates in highsec sites, right? At best there might be some DED sites they could do, but that requires warping a slow capital around.
Capitals would make citadels less of an issue, but you have to resolve the issue of people stacking capitals outside of popular undock locations and causing a mess.

Imagine the chaos when you bump one into Jita undock…

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All that capitals would do is to ensure that the only ones holding citadels in hs are the ones that can field most caps. As a result bring caps to hs would be almost equivalent to turning hs into rentier area of nullsec entities.


Until you actually use them and experience all the tedium they entail. Then you realize how much of a terrible thing capitals in general are. Since you want to use them in high sec, you have no intention of experiencing this tedium and frustration and thus you should not have the opportunity to use the ship. If you want to experience this “cool” ship, go to the 5/6th of the EVE cluster where you can use it freely and as you please.


A modest, middle-ground proposal:

Caps can jump into highsec, but being in highsec gives both a suspect flag and a weapons timer.


There is a mission that requires more than one carrier to complete though that is in Low sec.

I too see a need for such fine ships to be able to at least enter 0.5 space.

Station bashing of late seems to become a hobby for many Corps and Alliances and it would be super if wardecs could call upon such a capital ship to enter 0.5 space to deal with defending or attacking structures.

I would really look forward in seeing large battles enter 0.5 space at the time of a declared war.

Now please make that change as I know many would support it.

I certainly would. Structure grinding is a pain in the ass and this would really make life easier for the Tranquility Tower cartel.

Being able to just bring a few hundred dreads into high to clear out any rebellious upstarts with bright ideas about putting down their own structures would be a huuuuuuuuge time saver.

In 0.5 space there are many more pos towers that sit without fuel for no other reason than to cause clutter.

Allowing Carriers and Dreads into 0.5 system would aid in cleaning those older structures.
Also the ability to hog a planet hidden behind a huge Alliance should come at a price.

Now is the right time to cause chaos like this in 0.5 space.

If you look in a mirror and say Chribba three times, he will appear.
And hopefully not gut you with a large rusty knife.

Chribba knows all about this. Re: Veldnaught.

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True, do incursions have warp gates? (Never touched those)

there are caps in empire from when you could first build caps and ccp found this a bad idea, once you jump one out you cant bring it back. Also they have a ton of rules against their use that would give you a permaban if you break them. The main reason caps arent being allowed in high sec is theyd park the cap fleet at the edge of empire where nothing can interfere with them, and jump them out on a hotdrop somewhere

the problem with the citadels isnt having numbers to kill 1 usually, its waiting out the 2 free sets of invul timer that last 2 days and 5 days and you have to be there with over 500 dps before the timer its its 15 mins and gives the citadel a instant 100% hp heal without anyone on the defending party even having to be there to rep it or anything else

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You do not need capitals for big battles in high sec. In contrary, capitals prevent big battles from taking place at all.

Then just declare war on the structures, put 2 Oracles on them and remove them. If they are really abandoned, you sit there for 30 minutes and then you are done. You also sit there for 30 minutes with a dreadnought or carrier. They do not aid the removal of structures of any kind in any way.

And by the way: You talk about chaos in high sec but you only talk about abandoned structures. You are not looking for chaos if you only want to shoot abandoned structures. You only want cheap kill mails and even for that you are too lazy and think that capitals will help with your laziness. You are among the reasons why capitals should not be allowed in high sec and why structures clutter space at all.


Agreed. Imagine the fights with wardeccers also… Carriers/Dreads/Supers all need to have their manufacturing materials and time cut down by at least 50%. More capitals in more hands across more systems = the fun/content we have all been looking for.

It’s time.

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No. For the simple reason that there can be only one veldnaught.