Highsec Caps

With citadels in the game now doesn’t it just make sense to next have caps in high sec? Not supercaps obviously, as well as force aux’s… And maybe only for maybe .6 - .7 systems? Maybe those .6 - .7 systems have “slightly larger” or special gates to accept / handle the caps? But leave .8 .9 and 1.0 unavailable and as is?

Even if they weren’t allowed to use fighters in high sec… What would the harm be to let caps in high sec with drones? It’s not like they’re launching 50 drones and 20 fighters. (Plus hey, I could bring back my mining thanatos from the dead from 7 years ago! lol It was a joke, calm down)

Or even without the use of drones. Just being able to fly your cap around to at least to move them would be a nice QOL. Although I know CCP has NEVER been about QOL for their players but come on, they’re not THAT much larger than freighters.

Plus it would kind of allow for a lot more interesting tactics. Opening up high sec opens up many more possibilities as far as where fleets could come in from. Especially with how shitty jumping seems to be nowadays (At least from what I can see so far). It would also open up some interesting counterplay on certain high/low sec camped areas.

But maybe I’m overthinking this and it’s stupid and CCP will just put them in anyway in another 5 - 7 years and everyone then will think about how great of an idea this is at that point and time. lol

If you are excluding supers and fax maxchines, that leaves Carriers.

Carriers can’t use drones at all. They can only use fighters, so letting them in highsec would serve no real purpose, other than giving them complete safety for storage and potentially for movement (depending on path between systems).

Letting capitals into highsec was discussed by CCP when the rebalance occured and the decision was made to keep them out of highsec. It would have provided risk free travel across the map (noting that your proposal doesn’t allow entry into all systems, so just gives them a completely risk free place to hang out).

Characters (and players) who have made the decision to fly them, should have the skills to keep them safe and shouldn’t be able to rely on CONCORD protection.

I’m assuming this isn’t a “let Rorquals into highsec” thread though, which would just be a request to buff AFK mining.

This can already be countered with Capitals as most of the camps are on the lowsec side of the gates. Nothing prevents those camps being dropped, if players really want to.

Cynos from low sec NPC station to NPC station are faster than gating in most cases even with 50 minutes fatigue wait time after every cyno.

Nothing involving capitals is interesting. Everything with them is tedious, annoying and removes any fun from any activity.


If Caps we’re allowed in high sec, I think that they wouldn’t allowed to use ANY SYSTEM, full lock down in any system 0.3 on up. Warp and gates only. No station bashing or nothing in high sec.

They would have to be escorted with defensive fleets. No cryos nothing… And Concord wouldn’t interfere with gank attempts.

There should be a some risk with them passing through high sec.

But any attackers would draw flags, but not Concord, so defending fleets could return fire with out Concord interference. Maybe even make the space around Caps free fire zone, cray I know but it’s an idea…

Free safe passage through high sec shouldn’t be allowed, with the same risk as passing through null.

Might be cruel, but I’m not really sure the should even be allowed to dock unless it’s in a KeepStar station in just low sec.

you leave out the fact of it would be a new challenge to gank someone mining in a dread. we already have rules locked down for caps, and we have the ability to have weapons locked based on sec status like bombers. not to mention ccps already shown complete lack of a need of functioning economy and player base.

Perma-suspect caps in highsec might be something to be considered. There are still balancing issues if you let them be used to bash structures for instance (since AOE weapons are not allowed in highsec) and how fleetmates can respond to defend the capital ship, but it’s not out of the question even if it might disrupt the whole subcap meta. CONCORD protection is the big sticking point, and I think CCP could work around that by just not giving them CONCORD protection.

Who knows, highsec cap fights with no cynos, bombs or supers would be a new flavour of fights that might be interesting, although the cost of that would be to make caps mandatory for any real fight in highsec removing one of the few remaining places for pure sub-cap combat. I doubt CCP is going to find the time to make it happen any time soon, likely never, but I bet it is on a list of ideas to explore further.

There’s no point in just letting them cross highsec though. They can just jump around it.

You have a massive player base in high-sec who will never be able to fly or use super caps and CCP is withholding that from them for the good of the blue doughnut. You need permission from the big power blocks to be allowed to build supercaps, if that permission is denied your endeavours explode in a rather dramatic fashion. Eve has always put the power blocks first especially over high-sec. Space is space and you should be allowed to build and fly whatever you want regardless of what some numpties in null want, Eve is not just about null it is about time CCP realised this.


  • Caps are gross overkill for HS PvE content. (Even HS Incursions)
  • Caps can absolutely wreck any smaller corp you are engaged in war in, that dont have them.
  • If Caps are enabled in HS, NS will roll in and absolutely obliterate HS entities.

Imo, JFs (technically caps) should also be excluded from HS.

Try renting space in null with the idea of building supercaps, and see what happens. Small corps cannot make any headway in null without permissions from bigger and more powerful corps. Letting us build and fly super-caps in high-sec takes that power away from the big boys. Or we can sit back and keep on watching this game slowly die your choice.

If you arent big enough to secure your operation for building supers in NS, you arent ready to do so.

If you are savvy as a renter, you can negotiate to sell the supers you build exclusively to your overlord at a premium. I think you will find them very interested in your products, as long as you guarantee that all of them will be sold to them.

If supers could be built in HS, nobody will build them in NS.

TLDR: You dont need anyones “permission” to build supers in NS. You just need enough force to defend your operations.

For example, IRL:
To secure an airfield housing/fielding extremely expensive aircraft/munitions etc, you need atleast roughly a full battalion of infantry and very complex logistics, including AA. The area to be secured around the airfield is ~70-100km, in radius.

You are grossly underestimating how much man/firepower you need to secure a cap/super production system, and its logistics.

You dont just “rent” a system, start building caps/supers for your own needs, and expect the overlord to turn a blind eye to you building assets they need/want and which are a threat to them, on their own turf.

and you still miss things like we have the tech to lock weapons which can be applied to capital weapons which would make caps useless in empire but looking pretty. unless someones going to go into a lvl 4 with a moros and 3 425mm rails…

Empires dont want player capitals in highsec as they would feel their sovereignity endangered… Only exception I know of is Chribba’s Veldnaught and jump freighters.

Except that it wouldn’t be new at all. Capitals used to be allowed in highsec and the decision to restrict them was in part due to on famous one being ganked.

However, there are already Capitals in highsec that can be ganked now. How many have been since the change to CONCORD?

Here’s one well known video of a Nyx flying around Jita during Burn Jita:

It’s just not practically feasible to gank them.

I for one think caps and even supers should be allowed to travel through highsec, but to prevent any of the obvious issues, just have their systems totally disabled while in highsec. No balance issues, and provides a new way to cause conflict when you can manually pilot from one side of the blue doughnut to the other for wars. (Even if wars don’t exist anymore.)

Are you kidding, goons would be the first to find a way to exploit it, if I can think of one way to misuse a cap ship to annoy and cause havoc you can bet goons would be rubbing their fly feet finding ways to “create content”.

First misuse, use them to block gates, any ship warping to a gate would run into a wall of cap ships the way drag bubbles work, they would bounce off of them then they would gank any freighter that was thrown off the gate by the bounce mechanism, block stations, etc.

Never underestimate stupid

On another note, as much as I’d love to roll around in a carrier and solo massacre every citadel I’d want, I still feel caps are unneeded in highsec

It’s a great motto for this game, but not really relevant to capitals in this case.

Capitals can’t enter level 4 missions, even in lowsec. The gates don’t let them activate. Would be no different if they were allowed in highsec.

For transit past HS to the other side of the galaxy, you can currently use jump clones.

Caps are overkill for HS PvE content and cant even access it.
Caps in HS would mean Cap heavy NS entities would absolutely steamroll HS.
Allowing Cap production in HS would empty NS of Cap production.
(With the exception of Goons in Delve, there is very little production happening elsewhere in NS.)

There is absolutely no content in high sec that can’t be wtfbbqpwned in a marauder. There’s simply no need for capital ships in high sec other than for epeen purposes.