CCPlease Reimagine Capships

Your vision of capships was flawed from the outset. I knew this from the beginning, but hey, I got used to not being listened to a long time ago.

You envisioned capships to be ‘special toys of the big boys’ (nullsec alliances) in special areas of space (null). Hell, for a while they couldn’t even dock anywhere at all, and had to be left floating in space. Even today, it’s somewhat of a pain to dock them, depending on the size of the capship. And, they can’t even come into highsec.

This was dumb. It’s obvious that there should be no ‘special toys’ for ‘special players’ in ‘special areas of space.’ All toys in the game should be available to all, and available for use in all areas of space. It was obvious back then. It is even more obvious now.

I have no problem with the blackout. I’m fine with there being more danger in Eve. The problem is, when the blackout is coupled with your stupid vision of what capships are supposed to be, it makes them unusable and un-flyable for anyone not willing to be a Goon or a TEST monkey. Well, some of us got into capships the old-fashioned way, without using injectors. Some of us had to sacrifice plenty of other skills so that we could get into capships. I don’t begrudge others their playstyles, but I don’t want mine begrudged either. But thanks anyway for crapping all over my playstyle.

So what to do? Retarget the capship audience. Capships should not be special toys for special groups in special areas of space. They should be general tools available to all, in all areas of space. So…


I can hear the whines already.

“But… but… but… that’s not fair! A capship could kill me in highsec, and I wouldn’t be able to defend myself!” If a capship kills you in highsec, the pilot would lose the capship to CONCORD.

“Waaah! Waah! Capships would be too safe in highsec! Nothing should be safe anywhere in Eve, including highsec! Waaah!” Capships would be vulnerable to the same tactics that freighters and other ships are vulnerable to in highsec, which is basically being ganged-up on by a larger number of small cheap ships. It seems they would also be vulnerable to other capships. Finally, if for whatever reason, normal game mechanics wouldn’t be enough to provide enough danger to capships, it would be easy to program CONCORD to delay their response to a capship being attacked.

Other mechanics could also be implemented, if necessary. For instance, maybe a capship gets some kind of suspect timer when jumping from lowsec or nullsec into highsec. Maybe wardec’ed capships can’t enter highsec. For what reasons? I don’t know. I don’t know all the objections people will raise, I just know they will raise them. This is simply an effort to show that there are no insurmountable obstacles to change capships from special tools usable only by special groups in special areas of space, to generic tools useable by all in all areas of space.


Self-explanatory, and in-keeping with the other suggestions.

I already left the game, along with a friend who has the same issues (no, you can’t have our stuff). We are currently unsubbed and are happily playing other games. Our issues are your effective removal of our usage of capships from the game - capships which we skilled for a couple of years to get into. There are some players who don’t enjoy flying around in frigates or cruisers. We don’t begrudge ‘nano-gangers’ their playstyle. But we don’t want to be begrudged our playstyle either. Yet it was begrudged all the same. Make capships tools of the masses, and of individual players, instead of just special toys for special players in special areas of space, and you may see some players return.

No, we were not and are not ‘F1 monkeys,’ and we never participated in ‘supercap umbrellas’ or anything of the sort. No, this is not a plea to benefit the ‘big boys’ out in nullsec. Rather, it is the opposite. It is a plea to make the ships generically-usable and available by all players in all areas, rather than just special toys of special players in special areas, which was a terrible idea from the start.

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Probably a whine about cyno changes cleverly hidden in a b*tchen post as its more expenive to move them. Why else would the OP mention highsec? Safe passage…


I’m fine with the cyno changes. Keep them. Also, go ahead and do a search. I posted that capships should be allowed in highsec years ago, way before any of these changes or the ‘era of chaos.’ I’m just against ‘special toys’ given to ‘special people’ for ‘special reasons’ in ‘special areas of space.’

So your opinions on the game are worth about as much as the other people who quit eve yet opine about it…'k…


Nice post. Anything constructive to add to the conversation?

…So you think your OP was constructive somehow, eh? Well…sure…

Why do people spend any time at all complaining about a game they don’t even play?


I would like Cap Ships to be re imagined at 10-20 times the resources needed to construct them. Make them cost a lot more.

Remove caps


I think CCP’s view of capitals at the start was fairly good. Dreadnaughts were pure anti-structure (POS) vessels for example.

The problem is now that capitals are almost general role ships like sub-capitals. Take away capitals ability to protect themselves from sub cap’s and things might be better.

Make capitals (and supers) have a very narrow role, each class a specialist at one job.

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Absolutely this. Capitals should be centered around destroying large fortifications, like Keepstars and Fortizars, and destroying other capitals in defense of fortifications.

Caps implemented in the game make no sense, while subcaps (mostly) make sense (even though IRL, Battleships and even Battlecruisers were considered “capital” class). Look at how EHP increases - roughly 1.5x to 2x the previous class/tech level… until you hit Capitals and you jump almost 10x as much EHP (in the case of comparing Battleships to Dreadnaughts/Carriers). I don’t mind the DPS jump - as long as that DPS has a defined and specific specialization or role on the field (such as bashing structures or defending structures from other caps).

There were several small and agile ship lines produced during WWI and WWII for the sole purpose of killing battleships and dreadnaughts by simply outmaneuvering them. Not to mention submersible vessels and special bombers. But in EVE this isn’t the case as much.

Caps need an overall EHP nerf (because most of the space in the ships is utilized to accommodate siege platform, jump drives, fighter bays, fleet hangars, etcetc). They also need their ability to apply damage to smaller ships absolutely handicapped. I don’t know why CCP implemented HAW. It was a huge buff that capitals in no way shape or form needed. Caps also need a nerf to tackle immunity. Give them like +8 warp core strength or something (+16 for supers/titans).

CCP Hilmar has stated more than once that he wants to see the game be harder and more complicated for older/higher level players. GREAT! Caps are a great way to add that “weaponized inconvenience” that goons meme about: fuel cost for just being piloted, fuel for siege (using the same fuel as for jumping!), no repairs, not even local, while in siege but adding a “fortify” mode that allows them to local rep (but can’t do any DPS and also uses the same fuel). Reducing jump capability was a good step but more needs to be done. Right now the answer is always “bring caps”. That’s because they’re unbalanced. If they were balanced proliferation wouldn’t be a problem.

If I did really saw and understood right, there will be triglavian dread. Lets hope that it will be good against capital ships.

So what you’re saying is that you want to be able to use capital ships in HiSec risk free?

Why do you consider highsec risk free?

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Because if you’re in a capital with millions of EHP, what’s going to kill you in HiSec? Yes, we can be pedantic and say there is always risk if you’re undocked. But at some point the risk is so minimal that it’s not significant. Chribba is at 0 risk mining in his Veldnaught.

Caps could be killed in highsec as easily as anywhere else. That was already addressed in my post, but you obviously didn’t read it.

Didn’t think this post would be productive. All it generated was the usual capship hate from people who fly frigs and cruisers and think everyone else should be forced to as well. “REMOVE CAPSHIPS!” Blah blah. And that’s fine. We’ve moved on. The post was intended to be seen by CCP anyway. If they see it and agree, fine (unlikely). If they don’t, that’s fine too.

I agree that CCP made a mistake by making Capitals and Super Capitals more of the top tier Pvp ships.

They were much better off as strictly anti-structure and strategic logistics before their massive EHP buff.

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No they really couldn’t.

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I have to agree with this idea. By allowing all ships anywhere it provides balance. It is also a dual edged sword, gankers in hi sec would be taken out by Empire Ship Killers, even a super cap!