Capital ships

Should all capitals specially titans and carriers see somewhat of a buff? Right now people say they’re to expensive for what they do, so an easy answer would be to make them cheaper but all that would do is flood the battlefield with them while I get that their use should be in few selected fights where it’s an all out war rather than go to low secwith a titan to kill newbies, so what about buffing them in some way so their cost feels good because they deliver what you would expect from them perhaps allow all capitals to use fighters rather than drones being carriers just with more dmg and larger ammounts. no need to buff base armor or dmg as probably that won’t change much

This is honestly above my paygrade. (Remember CCP always has the final say no matter how hard you argue everyone.)

Before people pile in here let me get my chair and some popcorn. :popcorn: :popcorn:


did you ever flown capitals in fights ?

EDIT: I´m sure to know this answer xD


They’re strong and if one side have them and the other not is almost gg but the number of fights in which they show is bare minimum and pve even further if there’s the slightly of losing it

you didnt answer a simple question ?

Nope, that doesn’t take any of what I provided XD do you need to be a football player to have an opinion on football? Don’t think so, do you have to be a doctor to realize you’ve a headache? Don’t think so… so I didn’t answer it because it felt irrelevant

most opinions are just half knowlage and simply ■■■■ !

so your answer tells me you never flown any capital class ship and you wanna tell everybody they need to be changed ? something strange …

btw … if you have headache you dont know whats behind them ! could be way more then you think
football → great idea :slight_smile: i listen to my father / brother if they tell about football ( european football ) and they talk like they would play as gods … but for real → they run 2 meters and run out of energy ! makes their opinion just worthless

and now, because you know that much about capitals, tell us all WHY they need to be buffed !
and no, the price is not the correct answer because then my marshal need to be buffed aswell cause it was way more then a capital


You just lost all your creditability, and no one will give your word an ounce of care. That is a deflection statement, and you know it.

Why do I want to listen to what OP has to say if he never flown a carrier, dread, etc? That seems like a waste of my time. :thinking:

Why do I want to listen to people who haven’t PVPed in many different scenarios? I don’t even care about a green KB lol. If you want to talk about a topic like capitals, you should have some firsthand/secondhand experience with them.

Maybe you were in a fleet with capitals?
Maybe you were in a PVP fleet but didn’t get on KMs?
Fight back OP don’t let people like @Vuhdo_Rin kill your creditability dude.

Please take a debate class OP It will really help. Just some pointers but I will go back to my popcorn now.

Makes them have an opinion which then can be contrasted with a more reliable source which is literally what I’m doing by coming to a forum and literally start with the word SHOULD which is not used for affirmative action… more like a suggestion or question

I’m not saying capital ships need to be buff that’s why I started with the word SHOULD, not THEY MUST, I came here to hear opinions on the status of the capital ships and I added a final suggestion on how could they be buffed if needed be for it to not be as easy as, BUFF ARMOR, BUFF DMG.

Prior research and you would have known this topic is a dead horse and has been talked about for years.

(Simply looking up key words in the search feature in the top right next to profile picture.)

20 years game not going trough that XD

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Yah it does take years of first/secondhand knowledge of capital ship meta I will admit.

You didn’t already have them? I make myself some popcorn before i come on here every day, i usually end up running out tho (i wish i had auto-reload on)

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Caps should be able to fit a Zero Point Mass Entangler!

(I jest. They absolutely shouldn’t)

Supers, Dreads and Faxs.

Everything else is useless :smiley:

I thought this was created 16 years ago.

Valid points can be made about carriers, but carriers aren’t that bad IMO. There are better options for the many roles they use to have.

He’s totally right - titans at the moment at over 150B are just a fancy fuckin ansi… or a ■■■■■■■ Op hauler …

They hardly ever get deployed and need some buff absolutely.

If you own a Titan and never undock it except for major ops or to bridge, that’s on you. It’s not a valid argument to buff them.
It’s your ship. If you want to throw it around and have fun with it, what’s stopping you?

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What am I supposed to engage ? Snuffed out dreads in low sec ? I’m all ears.