Allow full access to capitals in highsec combined with a broad ehp nerf across all capital hulls

Lot’s of drama nowadays with nullsec capital proliferation, and peeps complaining that capitals are saturating the meta. This is how we fix the problem, it is a two fold solution:

  1. Nerf Capital power by severely reducing raw EHP, and severely nerfing the bonuses that hulls give to capital hitpoint modules like shield extenders and plates.

  2. Allow for all capital hulls to have full access to highsec, this combined with the severe nerf to ehp will mean that more hulls will be destroyed, reducing the current stockpile and ensuring that capitals remain rare ships again.

How much is this ehp nerf? A severe drop. I’d like for a buffer tank carrier to be around 300-600k ehp, a dread to be around 500-800k ehp, a supercarrier around 2 million ehp, and a titan around 5m ehp, this is the max extent with buffer fit, active tank ships will be even lower.

Why the nerf? Because capitals simply become I win assets for those who have the most of them. If nullsec wants to get back to the glory days of mass battleship fleets, and many small independent alliances that did not need to join coalitions for survival, the cap ehp must be severely nerfed.

This proposal will ensure capitals are constantly destroyed, and serve as strategic and expensive pieces in wars, or trophy’s that are occasionally used for enjoyment, much like a Ferrari is driven for enjoyment vs a normal commuter automobile.

Oh look, more spam from newbie predator sabus, whose corporation spams invites to new players, lying about what they offer, for the purpose of leeching off newbro taxes that sabus pockets for himself.


In before the lock. What is this, like the fifth time this thread will have to be locked?


Your second point does not compute. Nothing about your proposed changes in regards to High Sec will result in capital destruction. You just want capitals in High Sec because you won’t move to Null or Low.


So scary. If they put all the content in high sec then we have Trammel.


More spam-tears…


So how do you propose a titan with 5 million ehp dies in highsec? That’s over 5 times the EHP of a slaved Ark, and both of those ships have jump drives so they can gtfo if things look spooky.

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So how do you propose a titan with 5 million ehp dies in highsec? That’s over 5 times the EHP of a slaved Ark, and both of those ships have jump drives so they can gtfo if things look spooky.

Likely with a 100-200 man talos fleet, with some stealth bomber support for target painting. Naturally you’ll want to have a HIC to point the ship, or aim for a titan that is being flown afk, which due to the significant ehp will most likely be quite common. Furthermore, the 5m ehp number will be buffer fit, if the fit is flown with say intertia stabilizers or cargohold expanders, the ehp will be lower.

The ehp should be enough that you need a serious attempt to succeed in a gank, but considering that the killmail will at least be 40+ Billion, there is incentive for the occasional mass gank fleet, and it has precedent, goons have pulled 140+ man destroyer fleets for burn jita, I’m sure they or others could do the same every once awhile for titans.

Please read again if you do not see how capitals will have increased destruction. Firstly the ehp will be severely reduced game wide, meaning killing ratting capitals, and killing capitals in big fleet combat, will be much easier and more common. In highsec, the decreased ehp means that gankers with some numbers and planning can realistically pull of a gank if everything goes well, so capitals with bad fittings or inattentive pilots also can be destroyed.

It’s a two part proposal, both the nullsec and highsec side encourage more capital destruction, putting skill and sub-cap fleets back as the main staple of pvp combat.

On three conditions:

  1. Capital ship in space has a permanent suspect flag.
  2. Pilot of said capital must be in a corp that has an anchored upwell structure in highsec
  3. Capital cannot use jump drive

As soon as you inject any capital ship skills, your character should be permanently unable to return to highsec.

So your solution to one guy in one ship is to hit it with 150 taloses costing over 10b for the hulls alone? And then hope that the guy is AFK so he doesn’t just jump drive the hell out of there the moment he sees your HIC? Besides, the killmail is worth many billions, but how about the loot? I really doubt people are going to blow 10b on a shiny killmail if the ROI isn’t there considering that you just said you need 100+ people for it.

This clearly shows your lack of understanding of game mechanics regarding ship size. It’s a ■■■■■■■ titan. You don’t need to target paint it to hit it with large guns. If you think you need to target paint the largest ship in the game to apply with BS weapons, you probably shouldn’t be suggesting sweeping changes regarding what can fly where. Cue “pvp trash” rant.


He can use the stealth bomber to web it then.


Oh, and how do you plan on ganking caps with the hull energizer fit? By the time you get through the shield and armor the ship can be made invulnerable and you just die to CONCORD.


Ehp nerf?

So you can still run pve with a full capital active tank and dps?


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Mission pockets are protected with those acceleration gates… can you cyno a carrier in directly to the deadspace pocket and bypass the gate?

Otherwise these guys are going to be stuck farming The Blockade.

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I disagree, permanent suspect flag will only dissuade solo players, or players with weak organizations from flying capitals. There is no permanent suspect flag for flying an orca, or a hulk, the ehp nerf is the ‘permanent suspect’ timer that you are looking for.

Pilot of said capital must be in a corp that has an anchored upwell structure in highsec

Also against, due to the reasons above for the suspect timer. In highsec, you either bait the person through clever use of mechanics, whether by having himself be flagged, or having him shoot you until your suspect runs out and limited engagement remains etc.

Capital cannot use jump drive

This however I can get behind. I have no problem with no cyno in highsec, and jump drive only out of highsec, but not in. If you want to travel in highsec, you gate, if you get tired of 1 minute align times and 1.5 au warp speed, you can modify your fit, but you get your already nerfed ehp even lower…

That is only a nerf to highsec, costs CCP money, and is only a spite move. Remember it is a sandbox, the entire game is connected.

Well if I’m afk traveling my capital, because well I can, then I won’t be at the keyboard to hit that button :slight_smile:

Highsec is like preschool. You should never go back.