Way to go CCP

Newbies want more PvP because that is the only interesting activity in EVE.

+1 to player combat event


This event didnt turn off Concord or anything. Why would you think that you are in any way less safe than before?

What is preventing you from grouping together and forming fleets to pvp with? If it’s a fight between 20 new players and 1 old player, I’d say the new players have a great chance of winning.

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The perception newbies need a bigger more expensive ship and more SP to PvP is probably the number one cause of failure.

The BEST WAY to learn to PvP is in cheap ships that way when the ships are lost they are cheap to replace.

This bigger ship idea is really just based in pixel cowardice. Thinking somehow the bigger ship will prevent loss.


Lol angry bittervet thinks that newbies want to be PvPed when they can’t afford SP. :grinning: :grinning: :joy:

No, I happen to know new players who join for PvP

But you seem to be trolling rather than discussing, so please continue to ignore them if you want.

They’ll be round at some point Im sure

Newbies need capitals to fight bittervet capitals, why do you hate newbies?

Allow full access to capitals in highsec combined with a broad ehp nerf across all capital hulls for highsec equality.

Nobody joins for PvP when they can’t even afford PLEX. Newbies are people and deserve a decent income.

-1 to PvPing newbies.

Well thats simply not true.

And what has PLEX got to do with any of this?

People aren’t going to be resorting to ganking to get free SP. If they are older players, they have friends who they can just kill and be killed in cheap ships to get the SP. If they are actually looking for fun, low and null offer more chances of pvp.

Unless CCP deactivates Concord during the event, new players aren’t going to be killed anymore than they are now.


STFU Narri/SAbus Naarian


How can newbies afford to play when they get PvPed before they can buy a PLEX?

-1 to highsec nerfs.

You mad bittervet? :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

By being Alpha or having a sub like a normal person

What has that got to do with the topic?


it doesnt Ramona, he is trying t o drum up advertisement for his post in features and ideas

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Dare I even look?

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Why do you want to hurt newbies and prevent them from having omega SP?

What bitter vet capitals in high sec?

Maybe before you post you should at least lrn2play?

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Bittervet pvp trash wants pvp events to kill newbies for SP.

-1 to highsec nerfs.

Oh ban evader?

@Naari_Naarian was banned for being stupid.

Can you quote where I said that?

I said they should get a sub, thats Omega SP

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