Fix Eve Finally, and stop Destroying It

CCP should re-buff capital EHP, and reduce the build cost of all capitals by 2/3rds.

Problem solved.

The complaint from the Candy Crushers, is that old players have cool things, and thats just not fair because communism and theft is cool now.

The complaint from actual videogame players is that we enjoy building up cool unique things in a world where you can take risks, and thats not cool anymore.

CCP’s solution is a shotgun: They want to just shoot us in the face. Reduce EHP, making capitals into glass cannons… increase the cost to the point of absurdity… make it a half-decade long venture to even collect the resources.

ZzzZzzzZzzZzzZZzzZzz I want to go fast.

Reduce the cost, reduce the time, and increase the fun. Make titans common. Make Supercarrier fleets common.

Remember when we used to have daily carrier battles at POSs?
“hurrr but POS battles sucked”
yeah sorta, but the fact we got to use our carriers like that every day was fun as ■■■■. And i wish we had that again.

People are now forced to hold their wad until the final critical moment of the biggest life-or-death battle. ■■■■ that. I want to lose a titan and mine a new one by the end of the month.

“but muh income inequalityyyyyyy” go back to candy crush and play your free commie games there.

I unlocked the ability to build supercarriers and destroy your face. This is fun. This is what videogames are made for. Dont reply if you lack the capacity to grasp this fundamental videogaming concept.

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oh yeah, and undo the skill, charsheet, wallet, and the market windows.


capitol proliferation hurt the game, this is on its way to fixing it.

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No it didn’t.
The argument that it hurt the game is that only a few people had lots of capitals, and others had none.

I’ve heard no arguments that capitals in general, are bad for the game. Just the contrary: Capital fights are considered a major highlight of the game. Trophies and news stories and books come out of capital fights. We all love giant capital brawls.

Learn to read, then you will.
The wilfully blind & deaf of course don’t hear arguments.

“Tell me your only knowledge of eve is from the news reports without directly stating it”

Sure, people love to see “ooh 100 titans died in X battle which broke Y record for concurrent players” but ask literally anyone involved in the fight and they’ll tell you its absolutely TERRIBLE to participate in. And the main use of capitals isn’t actually for such fights, it’s for dunking on smaller ships, which oftentimes is not fun for anyone either. Killing good fights is the thing capitals do best, and I think most of us would prefer good fights not be ruined by capital escalations

Capital proliferation and especially supercap proliferation is ABSOLUTELY bad for eve, and basically nobody denies that. The only thing people argue about is how to reduce cap proliferation, but this definitely helps. Doing as you propose would increase cap proliferation, and nobody interested in the game’s long term health wants that


Bring back blackout.


move to wormhole or pochven if you want that.

you stil haven’t given any arguments. You’re just telling me to go search for some.
You’re the one presenting the argument, its up to you to back it up.

I participate in them. I enjoy them. I want more of them.

im denying it. And i have yet to hear a single argument as to why it’s bad. I just hear poors say “its bad for eve” but i have never heard WHY.

Why are battleships not bad for the game as well? They’re much bigger than frigates and cruisers. They’re bigger, stronger. Lots of them. Bad for the game too, right?

What if we just call battleships “supercapitals”? Will they become “bad for the game” then? Can you explain why a battleship is not bad for the game, but a supercarrier is?

the game is on life support. By the time you’re finished replacing all the organs its not even going to be the same game anymore.

You’re trying to rewind the clock back to old eve economy, by butchering the game into something entirely different. The old eve economy was nice, but theres no point in returning to the old eve economy if the game is lame and soggy.

What i’m proposing will not bring the old economy back. It will also change eve drastically. But at least it will be fun. Which is more than can be said about whats going on these days.

You said you wanted to take risks. Now i see that you just want to pretend to take risks.

To help you with analyzing why supers are bad and battleships aren’t, I’ve created a checklist here to show you

“Does it very easily punch down to way smaller ships?”
Supers: Yes, light fighters can easily apply to cruisers while doing about 2K DPS
Battleships: They can fit ewar like webs, scrams, and tracking computers, but a brawly battleship will still struggle to apply well to fast cruisers, and is pretty hopeless against frigates. If it’s sniper fit, it has 0 chance

“Is it killable by said smaller ships?”
Supers: Absolutely not. You would need a TON of subcaps to kill a super, and said super has tons of time to get backup
Battleships: Yes, easily. Battleships and marauders die to gangs and small fleets of smaller ships all the time. A battleship fighting 5 cruisers can be a fun fight, a super fighting 5 battleships is not.

“Does it bypass needing to use gates, and therefore have almost no way to prevent it moving around?”
Supers: Yes, cynos allow supers to travel not only past gates but through dozens of gates worth per jump
Battleships: Nope, has to use gates

These are, in my opinion, the 3 biggest factors that make supers bad for the game. They very easily apply to much smaller ships, said smaller ships have no realistic hope of killing it in return, and they cannot be confined to an area with gatecamps

Other things I believe are worth noting:

Supers have ship maintenance bays, meaning they can stuff a force recon into there, which can then be ejected and boarded by the super pilot and then said recon can light a cyno. How does the super not get stolen? The recon locks it back up before everyone else in the chaos can un-lock it and decide on someone to board it. This essentially means a super can carry its own cyno, just in a more indirect and slightly more killable way. However, as anyone who’s been cyno dropped knows, cap support will pile in in a matter of seconds, before the recon gets killed.

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